1. Keychron boards can set a white backlight, read the user guide for the shortcuts. It's included in the box.

  2. When I first was troubleshooting, one of the first software I checked was VIA, but it never finds my K2 Pro. I’ve tried it in both cable and bluetooth mode, but it never seems to recognize it. I’m super grateful for the help I’ve had so far from commenters here. Thank yall for the customization advice, its nice to have customization options outside red or rainbow. It would be nice to be able to tune it more precisely, which is what VIA seems to do, but it never finds my board :(

  3. Is this brass bottom brass weight? Thinking of doing the same in lavender

  4. Brass bottom, brass weight, and brass accent. I considered brass plate but I'm not a fan of how they sound so chose POM instead.

  5. Getting some Boba U4Ts (62g) delivered next week. For anyone that has experience with these switches lubed vs unlubed, was lubing worth it for these switches in terms of sound and feel?

  6. Lubing the stem rails and springs is recommended. Films are technically not necessary.

  7. Thanks! How are you liking your Sonnet btw? That's the kit I'll be paring with the switches.

  8. The Sonnet is truly amazing. My only regret is waiting so long to get one!

  9. using the google translate browser extension to read it in english just makes it better

  10. The aluminum rails on the K-series are simply for aesthetics. They provide zero functional benefit. If you're looking for a heavier, better feeling keyboard, check out the K6 Pro or V2 because those come with a silicone insert in the case which adds weight.

  11. Try ordering from Keychron's Amazon store, if it's available to you. That shipping cost is just ridiculous.

  12. Since the K3 does not support VIA or QMK, you would need to use a third party software such as SharpKeys (not sure if it's compatible with Mac) to remap your keys. There are a few others like it.

  13. VIA is very basic when it comes to RGB, just a handful of presets and that's it. Can you share a screenshot of your lighting menu?

  14. Depends if you prefer linear (no bump) or tactile (bump). The V1 is hot-swappable so if you don't like your choice it is very easy to change to different switches.

  15. If you don't need a numpad get the 3087, and if you do need a numpad get the 3098B. If that doesn't matter to you, I would personally rather have the 3087 because the Cream Yellows have a slightly heavier spring.

  16. Swapped to wireless mouse years ago and never looked back, now looking to do the same for keyboard.

  17. If you must have a 2.4 GHz USB then check out the NuPhy Halo 75. If Bluetooth is okay, then there are a few options to look at such as the Keychron Q1 Pro (on Kickstarter at the moment), QK75, and Jris75 (will enter GB soon).

  18. hey! thank you so much, I completely missed the first difference because the k8 pro has an aluminum frame, but that makes sense! I guess since wireless connectivity is a big deal for me I might go with the k8 pro. If you don't mind, how long have you had your k7 and how has it been so far? Any issues? This sub is filled with complaints about the keyboards so I'm not entirely sure if I'll go with it

  19. I've owned more Keychron products than I'd like to admit, and the only one that has disappointed me wasn't even a keyboard. There are certainly complaints to be aware of and the K-series is subject to most potential concerns.

  20. Keychron has never asked me for any verification such as passport or driver's license, and I've got about a dozen orders from Keychron directly. Seems suspicious to me.

  21. I don't know if it will do any good, but I would try calling the local DHL facility or there customer service number and seeing if some rule or another is holding them up that you can specifically bypass.

  22. I got a mechanical keyboard as a Christmas gift recently. It’s the wired keyboard from Logitech’s Aurora collection (G713) with linear switches. I’m not extremely knowledgeable about switches, but I know that linear switches “activate” quicker than clicks or tactile. My issue is that the keys are too sensitive—I literally graze them/put barely any pressure and the key is activated.

  23. Linear switches don't necessarily actuate faster than tactile or clicky switches, but they could be considered the easiest to actuate due to the linear travel (no bump). They might seem too sensitive because the spring weight is low, meaning less force is required to actuate the switches.

  24. I'm looking to replace my Logitech Orion g610 brown with a tenkeyless keyboard. I figure since I'm changing keyboards I might as well go for an upgrade. I'm looking at the WASD Code Brown but I'm wondering if I'll really feel that much of a difference. Do premium keyboards with same switches feel all that different?

  25. If you're comfortable with a barebones kit (which means you put in the switches and keycaps yourself) then definitely check out the Tiger Lite from KBDfans. Fantastic keyboard. Keychron's V3/Q3 are also great options.

  26. I think what you might be hearing is a ping/tick from the leaf or spring in the switches. This can be solved by applying a proper lube job by hand because factory lubing processes sometimes don't get good coverage.

  27. Yea I believe it’s the springs. I opened one up at is was not lubed. Looks like only the sides of the stem were lubed. So I may have a project this weekend

  28. I would add a tiny bit more lube to help re-spread what's already there. Make sure to get a nice even coating

  29. I've got a Q5 and like it a lot, it's a good board. Your best bet to achieve all black keycaps is to get the barebones version and buy the switches and keycaps separately. This allows you to get better switches, like Milky Yellow Pros!

  30. The Q3 is only compatible with standard MX style switches. You'd need a low profile keyboard to use low profile switches. I use a

  31. The K8 Pro supports VIA (if used wired) so I suggest remapping the keys to your liking with the layers in VIA

  32. The aluminum version is an aesthetic change, there is no functional difference. It's just some small aluminum pieces screwed to the sides of the plastic case.

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