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  1. Fuck off. That’s the rude you’re looking for. Now go get your lube, put on Hulu, and jizz for Kylie. How’s that for some extra rude?

  2. There aren't too many of us who actually go to the theater to see DCeu movies and I know personally several people who just won't go see a movie with this kinda person in the leading role. I don't think this movie can even break even at this point. If they said were gonna deep fake a baboons ass on his face I'd be like cool I'll go see Keaton on the big screen.

  3. Literally the only thing I want to see from this movie was Keaton. Just release his clips and trash the rest!

  4. Reddit really roasting her as a former stripper when they high key praise sex workers for being honest workers. Pick a lane.

  5. You must be doing drugs with the way you are talking

  6. He’s just mad because his prophet Mooo-ham-head is a pedophile piece of shit

  7. It honestly depends on the shop you choose. I’ve bought a number of minis from different shops. Most were great, a few duds. I keep buying from the hood ones and ignore the bad. Just check reviews and ask questions of the seller before you buy.

  8. A great poster child for the gender debate. Nice job ya little fuckboi

  9. I don't understand why ppl like this picture so much

  10. He’s a little cunt. Next game slash right to his face, take that top row.

  11. Please tell me this is not a remake of the Patrick Swayze movie from 1989. As a young lad I used to think Kelly Lynch was so dam hot.

  12. Her husband was dying from his wife being cringe

  13. I know time ravages us all but her boob job looks weird, feel like they’re gonna tell me to “turn on the reactor”

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