Mac x Pikachu (What if rappers evolved like pokemon?) [OC]

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  1. Summer 2010 going into my senior year of high school. Same summer KIDS dropped. My buddy put on Don’t Mind If I Do in the car and I’ve been a fan ever since

  2. The dispensaries prob would kick you off the property for canvassing full Rec. they have a monopoly right now and I guarantee they fucking love it.

  3. This is the truth. I remember talking to an employee at the Firelands Scientific dispensary around thanksgiving and he basically told me that he only thinks mmj should be legal and not rec. He was one of their security people who used to be a state highway patrol officer.

  4. Diablo Pikachu is something I’ve needed in my life that I am just now realizing. Thank you for this

  5. Just came across your post and saw you talking about a new e-nano coming out. Do you know when that is going to be? I was going to order one this weekend but thinking I should wait if a new version is coming out soon

  6. Half oz of Klutch ICC smalls & half oz of Klutch Sherbhead smalls for $98 each at botanist in Cleveland like 2 weeks ago

  7. Unfortunately, they sold out pretty quickly - even faster than we thought they might! Please let me know if you have any other questions, I'd be happy to help - but thanks so much for the interest! We'll pack more up next time!

  8. How often do you guys normally do this? Wanted to get one in size large but was getting an error. Next I know they’re all sold out

  9. I have a Rogue made by Healthy Rips. I like it especially with dosing caps. Whatever you decide to buy, look at under their deals section. You can always find dry herb vapes on sale there. You can easily find the best vapes (see mighty + recommendation in the comments). It retails for around $400 but using that site I found it for under $300.

  10. I own suits from Suit Supply and Spier & Mackay and I think they’re a great value and they have different price points at around $300-$400 for their entry level suits to around $1k for the higher end. Since it’s going to be outdoors you’ll probably want to look at linen suits. I’m far from the most knowledgeable person in this sub but I hope it at least helps as a starting point.

  11. Haven’t tried lemon slushee yet but it’s definitely something I want to try soon!

  12. Just vaped this about 2 hours ago and it’s nice. Gonna vape some big head from klutch a little later tonight before bed

  13. Is that really all you need? How many capsules can you make? Will taking one of the capsules feel like you just ate an edible? Apologies for all the questions. I really want to find an edible that works for me but I need over 25 mg per edible to even feel slight effects and at that point it’s just not cost effective. Would like to switch it up from gaping flower and luster pods don’t last very long for me.

  14. I have a strain from Firelands that I bought 2 weeks ago and the harvest date was in January

  15. Sorry if this is a dumb question…I looked at all photos and didn’t see anything to indicate the cultivator so which cultivator is this?

  16. How is their stuff? I never tried it because I always find it for over $40/tenth

  17. I shop at Firelands Dispensary almost exclusively. I personally lean more towards tier 2 but haven’t tried any of those particular strains. So sorry I can’t give much suggestion on those.

  18. I appreciate the response. I’m in the same boat where I wanted to go to their dispensary exclusively because their prices are pretty good imo but I am feeling a little discouraged right now

  19. igivenofuckswhenigonutscauseismokedustoverdoseonthesofa dead

  20. Don’t Mind If I Do. Summer 2010 going into my senior year of high school

  21. I wish Mac would have received this kind of recognition while he was here. Happy that Faces being on streaming service is helping others get into him

  22. Really like that red gingham. Any idea when these will go live?

  23. Which shirts in medium will you possibly be adding? For some reason I must have thought the drop happened at 8 instead of 6 and when I logged on everything had been picked over

  24. I have been buying Woodward’s since their first drop and have only ever found one seed, and it was in a strain they don’t even grow anymore (Fathead). I know my wife (patient also) and I have went thru at least a half pound of their strains and have only ever been disappointed a few times. Yes, they are pricey, but the quality is always there. I mean when I look at Curaleaf garbage going for $42 a 1/10 why wouldn’t I pay $80-89 for a 1/5 of something that I know is going to be sticky, stanky AND effective? All that being said, I would get the Sunset Sherbet and Graphead if you want a really good first impression. Both are soooo flavorful and opposite ends of the effects spectrum.

  25. Thanks for the reply! I also saw that my dispensary added blueberry cheesecake to the menu. How does that compare to what I listed in the original post?

  26. I just saw someone post it yesterday and it looks amazing. Honestly thinking about just getting 2 of that and calling it a day haha

  27. Thanks for the recommendations! Any reason you chose those two over the others?

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