1. It’s so annoying when I’m tryna search for his regen but he’s 65 and still playing 😂😂

  2. Octavian Popescu and Noni Mandueke (I don’t know how to spell it. English winger for PSV)

  3. Honestly, at this point I’d say the save is done. If you’ve won all there is to win, have no one else to buy to improve the team, repeated titles, I’d say you’ve done all that’s needed and it’s time to start anew!

  4. Who is that Popescu ? I’m a romanian casual fan and thought all of our players weren’t pretty good, but his overall seems science fiction...

  5. I am romanian. He is Octavian Poepescu. He is high player potential.

  6. I think you should replace dzeko or pierisic because I think they are getting old

  7. Great hope your gonna succed with your everton rebuild. I am looking for a team that is not in an English league.... thank anyway.

  8. Maybe Genoa in Italian league, in history having 9 titles and aren't a high up team currently. Also there kit in my opinion is pretty nice.

  9. Man thank you so much I will do genoa hope you have a great day .

  10. Octavian Popescu, I make him 98, or Olise from Crystal Palace, Clark from the MLS, Gimenez,( I don t know his other name) and as gk Henderson. This is my opinion

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