1. Ali express bikes but I guess if they are stocked in USA warehouse you’re going to save time and shipping costs. I mean the one bike is a 500w mid drive for $999.

  2. Appreciate the feedback. The area I live in is insanely hilly. Like 45-degree inclines. I've tried using a normal bike but it's prohibitively Hilly here. thats why I was looking into it. but I agree, maybe I should wait until I really want to do this before I spend 3-4K on a top of the line road bike.

  3. You want a kid drive for hills. Here’s the best ones I know under $3000. If you want a bit more look at the specialized turbo Vado

  4. To clarify the rule is the e-bike can’t go over 20 on motor power alone. The bike can reach a higher top speed with pedal assist.

  5. It’s 1919 for password or you need a cable for a Uart model. For a CANBus model you need a BESST tool.

  6. Why not get the ride1up prodigy. It’s has a brose mid drive and is a super nice bike and cheaper than the trek

  7. These are all over alibaba. Look up 2000w e-bike and you should see it.

  8. Spark cycle works bandit goes about 37mph and you can legally register as a moped and get insurance for theft and damage. That’s around $3.2k

  9. If you can pull 50 amps then it depends on what the cyc motor crank rpms are at 52v. Then it's whether your gearing can get the rear wheel to the needed rpm.

  10. I think it’s about 7000 at 3000w and 10k at 5000w

  11. The BMS is 50a, so I should only expect it to go 35mph? The company I chose to buy the battery from is not currently making 72volt batteries, so I had to settle for this. I looked into powerful lithium and EON lithium but they did not seem as reliable in terms of battery safety

  12. That sounds about right. Maybe closer to 40 on a full charge. It’s gonna have great torque though at 50a.

  13. Grab a Luna x2 or z1. Check out watt wagons. They have some new electric motorcycle that can be charged at ev charging stations

  14. Turbo Vado is a great bike. Also check out vvolt bikes.

  15. REI if you want a purist bike with a motor. A torque sensing mid drive is a wonderful pedaling experience.

  16. Unless you bought one with cheap off brand Chinese cells there’s very little to worry about.

  17. Front hub isn’t going to get you there. Just replace the rear hub with a 3kw 72v system. I wouldn’t go that fast on a bicycle but you do you.

  18. Meyers or some other natural cleaner and a towel. Or just use a damp rag and clean it every few swipes. Just don’t spray it.

  19. They either mean km/h or they are lying. It’s likely a 750w bafang that’s peaks at 1100w. Probably tops out at 28-30mph

  20. The sturmey archer 3 speed with a bbshd and gear sensor works great. It’s a really tough IGH and with all that power 3 speeds is sufficient imo

  21. Possibly they are embarrassed about asking stupid questions or the post is deleted due to the spam filters.

  22. No it’s dceric. They block everyone and when they block you their posts appear as deleted.

  23. You can’t legally ride a sur Ron except on private land.

  24. Better, provided you’re using less energy than the throttle. But likely yes. You’re putting in effort vs not.

  25. This is pretty close to full price. I would look around. I do like surly but this doesn’t have suspension or disc brakes.

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