1. We’ve already started making our own simulations. What do you think computers are ?

  2. Kelly Johnson literally said he got the idea for the SR-71 from a UFO he saw

  3. Lmao. Why did you get married ? Seriously. What is wrong with you lol. YTA

  4. I'm kind of waiting for the FBI surveillance tapes of Martin Luther King in 2027. Evidently there's at least one tape where MLK eggs on another man who is raping a civil rights worker in a hotel room.

  5. Wait what the hell? I knew MLK cheated on his wife …. But I haven’t even heard about this ? But it really begs the question: is it a BS accusation formulated to preemptively justify the assassination of MLK when those further details finally emerge ? Or did MLK actually do this ? Maybe it just got buried because it’s easier for the American public to remember him as the #1 civil rights activist

  6. I love horror movies but I wish I would’ve never watched Terrifier. I have been having nightmares on and off about this fucker since October

  7. I remember seeing a Reddit post a few months ago that had gained a lot of popularity from a person participating in a Mr. Beast video. Redditor said Mr. Beast was actually incredibly rude and horrible to them. If anyone can find the link to that post, please post it. I’m curious to read it again

  8. I think we live in a simulation…. And to whoever is running my sims character- can you please have me win the lottery or something ?

  9. A coach told me when I was 16 that I was too short (5’6) to be a D1 goalkeeper. I went on to be a D1 goalkeeper. YTA

  10. You seem.. Triggered? I was a goal keeper for 4 years so you can’t tell me I haven’t played a sport in my life. Which game winning save are you referring to? The one during penalties? That easily could have been staged if he was just told where the ball was going to go beforehand. Also Tchouameni just so happened to slowly knock the ball wide of the goal for his penalty. Of course that can happen naturally but entertain the thought.

  11. 4 years ? 4. Years. Probably played from ages 5-9. I was a gk for EIGHTEEN years and played division 1 soccer as a keeper. And no- not triggered. Just saying your conspiracy is the dumbest shit I’ve come across in a while.

  12. I played from 14 to 18, and yes, the theory was out there, it was a suggestion, I wanted peoples views on it, you came on here very aggressively though as though I challenged your world view or something like wtf lol

  13. I was mainly responding to the first guy that replied to me. But seriously. I considered your conspiracy for a split second until every major play of the game played through my head and I realized that that would just be absolutely asinine. Conspiracies are fun thoughts to entertain but they’re not fun when people who aren’t experts, try to claim “expertise” and use their little-to-no expertise to come on the internet and say dumb shit like this.

  14. What does radiation have to do with making female babies? Lol

  15. Okay all I gotta say is … that makes us kinda bad ass if only the XX chromosomes can survive radiation

  16. Never heard of this, but two of my friends have husbands in the Air Force and they've each had several girls, no boys. Very interesting.

  17. Yeah and I know a few fighter pilots that really wanted sons and had all daughters

  18. nope, when the F-35B is in stovl mode, the ejection seat is automatic if the plane determines something has failed. this is because if the lift fan fails the plane noses over extremely quickly and makes ejecting not possible. look it up

  19. Link the source. Because that was not an automatic ejection. Source: I was there

  20. Go back and read what you wrote. Because what you’re trying to say there does not look like that

  21. No kidding!? Man, must've been a trip to see that go down.

  22. Yeah I was on the runway awaiting take-off and then I watched that unfold

  23. Well that's exciting! Did they shut down the base while they sorted it out?

  24. My algebra teacher used to play it in class. We thought she was so badass.

  25. Wait what season is this from ? Because I genuinely do not remember this

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