1. Sounds like a gym that will die out after their current generation stops grappling

  2. That’s the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. Thinning out an already thin division. Have you looked at the womens Tag team bracket? They barley have enough women to make that work

  3. On Blue’s the car getting lapped is supposed to stay to their line while you move around them safely. You could’ve easily taken that turn on the outside and been able to pass him on the next corner while you got the inside. Also back markers tend to obviously be the worst in the lobby so it’s best to pretend they can’t see you cus chances are they aren’t looking for ya.

  4. I pretty much hate the entire welterweight division aside from Gilbert

  5. New to the sport. Why would you pit if you’re going to have to pit 3 more times anyways? Or did I misunderstand them when they said they have 55 laps of fuel

  6. And those adjustments take off enough them to get back to the front? I had no idea car setup was so important in terms of cutting time.

  7. I’ve never seen a compelling argument for it. And the folks I know who believe it honestly spend most of their time jumping through hoops and changing their reality in order to fit their narrative that there is some spiritual force thats is influencing their life. Its kinda sad honestly as most of these people then go on to spend real life money on books, crystals and astrology stuff that they’re convinced will help Them. Its not even a placebo its just them lying to themselves so they can shift blame when things dont go well in their life.

  8. Hell yeah my brother! That’s the right attitude and sure you get the glitz and glamor of being in the UFC when you’re there but if there’s opportunities to make money AND, depending on the company, to rise up the division quicker and in turn make even MORE money, fuckin send it.

  9. Isn’t the rule you’re only supposed to make 1 defensive move?

  10. Hard racing. Sucks for the dude who got wiped out but shit one of y’all should’ve backed off if you wanted a way neither of you guys would wreck. Sorry to be James Hunt but it’s the truth.

  11. They were there at different times unfortunetly. Would love to see these 2 have a bar burner in a bingo hall for 30 minutes.

  12. Right now there’s a dude who keeps posting his mom to MMA subreddits cus she loosely resembles Juliana Peña. Very weird.

  13. Taurus is one of the only wrestlers on the planet that I would trust to make the save there. Gringo Loco and Claudio are the only others I can think of that could save that spot

  14. The amount of lives Gringo has saved is insane. If I absolutely had to be in a death match, Gringo would be my opponent of choosing just because I know I’ll make it out of there alright

  15. Why do they have so many producers? I feel like that makes inconsistency in quality

  16. Adam Fugitt is a beast, what a showing from the dude

  17. Bellator's looks the most like what a MMA belt should look lie, One FC's is the coolest and UFC's is lame as fuck

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