1. Horvath is making it for sure. He was insane against mexico. He can be world class in the wc.

  2. He is 27 and playing in the championship, this sub doesn't get what world class means or thinks any one paid to play soccer is probably world class

  3. RE the midfield - if the midfield is a problem, it’s also equally a problem for the other attackers alongside him. Which means putting them against one another doesn’t make sense.

  4. Specially with Auba coming in. Honestly though, with injuries, all the CL games, cups and it being a world cup year. I'm guessing it'll be like this all season, which isn't great but he is basically playing at the very least every game. Be a sub for 15/30 minutes a game and get a start every 5.

  5. See the thing is, these are the circumstances you are given and you have to figure it out. None of those other guys really get help from the mid either. Kante seems to be hurt more then he is healthy. Jorgino is a shell of what he used to be

  6. Right now as the degenerate I am. I know alot of educated people don't even have them as second favorite in their pool or atleast not by much at all. Though if you can get pretty decent odds on them advancing, though if you are confident and bet on it that's not that ideal.

  7. Maybe on fifa ranking? Which has proven many times to be pretty uselss when dealing with relevent teams right now, it goes on a 4 year cycle. An I never said it was an easy group, i think there are like 3/4 really solid groups, then a couple of reasonable easy ones(looking at you Quatar) and I think group G is the group of death. Serbia are slept on but a pretty great team. Elo ranking isn't perfect but it's alot better at telling you how the team actually is now and in the last year or so.

  8. Sterling has been bad this half but i guess thats what you get with him, take the good with the bad. Just wish puli got the same treatment

  9. You gotta stop looking at things like they are comparable. It'll only frustrate you. I'm sure if Puli was alot better then he is, he would get more chances.

  10. Patriots fans will still tell you Bill is good at drafting

  11. Outside of this stretch, he actually is. Hell including this stretch he still is. The only way you can say Bill Belichick is bad at drafting is by only looking at this stretch, which is exactly why OP posted it, he’s a troll on his 5th alt account.

  12. See what I mean haha, exactly like I said. Thanks for proving my point op

  13. Fuck that mistreating puppies is all it takes to me. Punishment could be death an id be for it

  14. I loved his play, I realized he was an idiot. IQ on par with a rock, good move JD

  15. Good offensive metrics = must be fluke

  16. No one said that but you lol. I'd want more then one good season to feel really comfortable about locking him up long term to big money?

  17. But you did say that…. Lol

  18. When did I say his offense was a fluke? I said he has only had one good year and his shooting percentage was really high.

  19. He's Canadian, we are nice ? Good for the bottom of the roster spot guys to be nice. Has to learn how to not take fucking penalties though

  20. What the fuck was there to counter? Halfwit.

  21. This sub is insane man don't bother, they actually think puli is better then Mount. Either delusional or really dumb I'm not sure

  22. I work with folks from all over the world. They love the slavish devotion of American fans for Puli. It's a constant source of amusement for them, and it gives them all hope that our country is still a long way off from understanding the game.

  23. This sub most certainly is. I'm a usmnt fan, an it's a constant source of amusement for me. I don't even know the game that great, i can just understand to not be biased and listen and read smarter people.

  24. The biggest dick move in football is waiting until the last days of the transfer window to tell a player that he has no future at your club.

  25. They have been telling him for well over a weak. So agree totally. Not sure the relevance here though cause this is definitely not the case in this situation lol

  26. "Says veterans are getting squeezed because money is going to the star players"

  27. Wasn’t there a report that Dallas wanted to trade him? Why not take him for literally anything rather than cut him

  28. Do you even read what you’re responding too? Or is it always just emotional purging?

  29. In your last paragraph you called them both superstars lol. Unless you are calling Barcelona a superstar which seems dumb and doesn't really make much sense. Either way idc. Pulisic is getting the playing time he deserves at a superpower club, this is how it goes. If he wants to go somewhere else to start at a lower table club or something that's fine too.

  30. No I didn’t. Honestly before you criticize anyone you should learn to read.

  31. Sure lol calling Barcelona a superstar is odd it confused me. My reading comprehension is fine, and assuming you know my level, off of 5 texts on a cell in my second language is only something an ignorant idiot would do. But do you man

  32. You were just excited to roll with geno who will almost certainly suck? How does that make sense

  33. I'm not sure why everyone is just assuming he will suck.

  34. Cause it's by far the most logical and likely outcome is my guess. As a fan I still like to be realistic

  35. It's not the same at all so i don't see how this is anything but a horrible comparison.

  36. both are not in favor lol if anything i appreciate dest mentality on fighting for his position when he could leave and get minutes anywhere else like every other youngster

  37. Sure, but it's still a horrible comparison. One is like 50 times more in favor then they other, but yea I guess.

  38. I don't see it tbh. What makes Chuck great is that he's outspoken but at the same time he can take a joke about himself. He has no issues with clowning people and people clowning him back.

  39. Holy shit this is amazing. I was born two years after this video and my firsts love for sports were the NHL and MLB so I never have seen or have though to dig much into Chuck as the player as I became a big NBA fan around 2006/2007.

  40. He absolutely does have star potential but whatever, im not going to argue with you.

  41. We saw Pascal go from nobody to All-NBA 2nd team. Wouldn’t put a ceiling on Precious just yet, but certainly wouldn’t bet on any all-star selections rn either.

  42. If you wouldn't trade him for Maxey you have zero clue haha. Sure Precious can be true, what happend with Pascal is the 1% thing. To expect that or even think it's close to normal is bonkers

  43. Just a small correction, it's actually the third division of Pro hockey in Sweden. He was playing against men, but in a league that basically no prospects play in (hard to evaluate the level of talent).

  44. Yea not even a small correction you are totally right, I got it mixed up with the region league.

  45. If we don’t sign him next off-season I’m pretty sure we get compensated with the last pick in the 2nd round (64-65 OA). Some kind of rule when you don’t sign a 1st rounder IIRC

  46. I wanna say that's for ncaa guys for some reasons but Idk you may be right

  47. A story about a man being extorted by his brother and you make it about you and your club. Get fucked

  48. I mean his comments have made it publicly clear he is an idiot, we shouldn't be surprised

  49. I love Zednik but I think its fair to say that winter classic game isnt the most notable thing that happened in his career

  50. I'll never fucking forget that. Doesn't even need to be said

  51. This is from The Province (Vancouver) via the Rocky Mountain News, btw

  52. This is a solid idea I guess, specially since the team wasn't great at the time. But no way KG and his agents, even the nba let that fly with how good he was right away. If he wasn't great of the bat you could maybe swing it but

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