1. This is the only one jve ever listened to because the iowa regular cover is way cooler

  2. Those Clowns mains who plays solo SD can't make it to even 4th place without teaming or camping after 750 trophies matches

  3. Tbh while other brawlers do team often, buzz and primo are by far most common

  4. It doesn’t even sound like indie. More like blooz rock mixed with stoner and r&b influence

  5. We are very different people, only song i like here is perfect situation

  6. I hate buzz but he shouldn’t get nerfed. I wish they could just change him in showdown and leave him same in other modes

  7. Playing with two fingers is standard, i assume OP already doing it.

  8. funny how the russians killed 10 times more afghans in 10 years than america did in 20 years... but aMeriCa bAd

  9. 4, behind blue, Pinkerton, and white in that order

  10. I have a fender p/j bass hybrid (one of each pickup, jazz neck, P body) and yes it can play metal

  11. Reminds me of this one time when I met this girls that said she was into metal but put on kid rock

  12. anyone being into kid rock is one of the biggest red flags

  13. there are many problems with this list but in what world is gray an assassin? he has like no burst damage bro

  14. I thought obscure meant it wasn't well known/popular, in which case, it has more streams than the majority of strokes songs so it's not necessarily obscure in their discography

  15. i can't tell if this is a joke or legit pizza styles

  16. This is probably the most accurate you can get while placing all 6 albums in one of these categories

  17. Bro Is This It is one of the most acclaimed indie rock albums ever. Switch it with TNA at least

  18. I wouldn't say infinitely. I think ITI is their best but TNA is my personal favorite. Generally, from what I've seen, ITI is usually seen as the best strokes album

  19. Idk about most because it changes so much on where u are and who you talk to- but bands like Linkin park and Green Day have very big songs in their top 5 (LP new song doesn't count bc it's new)

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