1. I’m no dermatologist but it looks like warts to me.

  2. Go on Paul, what exactly happened in this dream of yours

  3. And me mother, y’know, she died y’know when I was very little, and she came to me in this dream, y’know, and she told me something and I woke up and said “what was that thing she told me?” and y’know I went to the little piano I had in me room and wrote Wonderful Christmastime

  4. Lmao one of my old coworkers and I used to do a bit when we were slow where we'd pretend like the Beatles never broke up. I'd be Paul and he'd be John, and I'd pitch "Wonderful Christmastime" to the rest of the band.

  5. You have got to play the 2C bis if you can. It’s such a funny vehicle. Massive howitzer at like 1.7.

  6. That does sound like fun, but is the French tech tree worth? I'd rather avoid seal clubbing for no gain

  7. If you're worried about potentially seal clubbing, you do not need to worry about the French tech tree.

  8. If you just string all of these texts together, you could have a decent emojipasta


  10. Thanks for the reply man, definitely helped with the decision. Ended up getting the silver sky last month and couldn’t be more happy with it.

  11. Funny enough, same here. My bassist’s boyfriend works at a Sam Ash down here and they had two SE Sliver Sky’s come through the other month. He told me, and I picked one up that day. Haven’t put it down since.

  12. I think I may be the one single reason the F-104S TAF is going up, sorry guys. I fucking love the pencil plane.

  13. Or the UK with a 16k repair cost for a flareless bomber that can face R60's

  14. In the words of me and my squadmate: “France is the joke and Britain is the punchline”

  15. Bro please cite those sources bro please

  16. No not true one time I was electrocuted by my laptop charger and I am fine.

  17. Yeah it happens to the best of us, I say, as if I am among the best of us.

  18. This is actually a subtle nod to Monty Python’s flying circus, as he is a circus animal that is flying.

  19. /uj wait hold up does Rickolas have actual music under his name released?

  20. also... sign into your Microsoft account to get rid of that watermark (if you've set up a PC with an account, key will be attached digitally to your account to activate PC) why pay for a key when you can just sign in and get activated for free?

  21. I immigrated to America in 2012 and I don’t understand why so many Americans are so ungrateful to live here. No one lives this good! I’m so grateful to live here everyday!

  22. The way I see the US, having lived here my whole life, is similar to a parent being disappointed in their child.

  23. Housing codes, and why all your front gardens are just grass, and identical.

  24. I guess it varies from place to place, but the area of the city I live in (Richmond, VA), was largely built up in the 1880’s-1910’s (my apartment was built in 1903 and it’s one of the newer ones), so there’s building codes here that any new building that is developed in the area has to be in that style to preserve the historical aesthetic, at least externally.

  25. The rich will continue to get richer, and the poor will continue to get poorer. Same as now.

  26. In high school/college, I found it was just a lot easier to pace myself when I’m drinking than it is with liquor/mixed drinks. Even now that I’m a bit older and know my limits, I still just prefer it, I think it tastes good.

  27. Socially? The stench. Seriously, you weed smokers are worse than tobaco smokers when it comes to being nose-blind.

  28. Don’t get me wrong, I hate the smell of weed too, but someone smoking weed inside is pretty much the same to me as someone lighting up a cigarette inside.

  29. The Beatles. It’s really hard to pick a favorite song, but I think “A Day In The Life” is their most definitive work.

  30. Exactly. They still can't build a decent car let alone a military vehicle...

  31. Keep in mind that a decent chunk of Ukraine’s equipment is also Russian/Soviet.

  32. Even better make Qatar a gay guitar (the real name of violin)

  33. Look at it another way. Two companies that make the same product, analog timekeeping devices, are both using "Oyster" as a trademark/name. One has been using that trademark from 1927 until today without being dormant for any period during that time. The other company has only been around a few years. When you make a thing, your due diligence is to check if anyone else makes a similar product under the same name. Oyster & Pop obviously didn't do this.

  34. I was about to respond and completely agree, but then I looked up “Oyster & Pop watch” and read an article about the whole thing and it kinda is bullshit.

  35. Iraq and North Korea were the aggressors in those wars dude.

  36. North Korea, fair point. Iraq…what? Have you read/heard literally anything about the Iraq War since 2004?

  37. Iraq invaded Kuwait, what came after I'm not applauding.

  38. That was the Gulf War, which was a different war.

  39. Russia: "No matter, our armed forces will destroy all western supplied tanks."

  40. Does the US export DU rounds/armor plates? I’m not an expert, I’m just here for the memes, but I could have sworn I remember reading that all of the Abrams tanks we export don’t have them.

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