1. i think KA Applegate once stated the morphing cube only works on a subject ONCE.

  2. Yeah i got a little confused because Tobias could morph as the Hawk Nothlit because of the Ellimist, so i assumed if he could morph as a hawk nothlit he could do so as a human one, but is it more, he shouldn't have been able to as a hawk but because of the Ellimist's power he can overrride that?

  3. Say what you want about Dragonball GT, that intro theme was ELITE

  4. Haha perfect even got that accuracy of the bean trolling everyone at the finish line 😂

  5. Loved it and it really does make you think, like how saying yes to a random thing, can lead to massive moments in your life later, as in the movie he meets Zooey Deschanel's character only after he drives a homeless guy somewhere

  6. Can't believe how badly they have handled the change from Ps Now, from the stupid adding 3 tiers making people confused, to the weird way they put labels next to the games confusing you even more about what tier has what, the easy way to do it would surely have been

  7. “That’ll do pig” -Glenn, to Mateo

  8. Recently finished my rewatch, forgot all about that one and burst out laughing, it came out of nowhere and Mateo's reaction was hilarious 😂

  9. So many things! I could go on about variety and fixing certain rounds, but what I really wish I could have right now is the ability to play custom games without meeting some kind of maximum player requirement and then pick stuff I like.

  10. A single player bot mode could be cool, for people who just want to get better at certain rounds, and it wouldn't effect crowns, as you could just do Xp for those rounds like you would go up tiers as normal

  11. I just need them to add the option to leave and get rewards when your squad is eliminated 😭

  12. I'm disappointed, the slime slide one is fine, but the hoop one is basically the same, the portal one is plain boring, the kraken one is fine, but only 4 new rounds, i expected more 😥

  13. I don't think i've played that one yet, what one is that, is that the cubes one where they rotate?

  14. Given Jug looks more like Danny, I disagree lol.

  15. I really just want them to cover Grease, now that they will be in the 50s it is the perfect time, who of the characters would you have for the grease characters?

  16. I love LOVE Grease. Of course they have to sing “we go together” as a group.

  17. I can actually picture Cheryl singing it now while a montage of Choni moments plays as she walks around her mansion, i need to see it so much 😭

  18. Subscribed for 50 percent off last year. But that sale was for users who does not have subscriptions. And it was not stackable. Hopefully same will happen this year.

  19. If the sale will come this year it should be roughly within the next 2 weeks, i bought it at 50% off on 10th December last year, hopefully it does this time too

  20. Should i get Extra at 25% off, or do you think there will be a 50% off sale like there was last year

  21. WAIT WHAT, i am just learning of that, i thought you had to do premium to get access to all of the games e.g. Miles Morales, Assassin's creed etc, so are all of the same games available on Extra, just no ps1/2/3 games and no streaming?

  22. I never do it, as the tier thing for the season pass is a large part of why i play so i can unlock a few things per day as i go, cause if you skip tiers you will end up at level 100 sooner and be playing for boring shards

  23. I finally got to it yesterday after managing to get through that dreaded portal round and never realised the cubes were moving and jumped right into the slime 💀, but i generally enjoy the blast ball themed ones

  24. Man i cannot believe Season 3 is here, seems like season 2 was only released last week, crazy how time flies

  25. Why does your butt need to breathe

  26. I be flyin on a dragon you be ridin in a rental while you all up in the club I SUMMON BLIZZARD ELEMENTAL

  27. I will always remember that theme from the S7 mid season finale, when the group decided to fight back against Negan

  28. I so want a Hash Slinging Slasher outfit

  29. Why do you think you can boss us around huh SLIM SHADY

  30. It's the way she said it as if he was the one that was crazy that killed me 😂

  31. I felt that in my soul, have been driving for almost a decade now and i will still park 100 yards away rather than attempt to parallel park 😂

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