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  1. Whenever I see a survivor doing a glyph I try to signal to them that they can finish it but they always run anyway :(

  2. Why in the ever-loving fuck would you ever EVER do that?

  3. Hey just so you know, you put the wrong person for the original post. hotmeat89 didn't make the post, it was greenmossloveisreal1998iloveyou

  4. I miss hotmeat89 every day. I hope he's still out there fucking soldiers' wives.

  5. I think more than anything I'm pissed off that they felt the need to bring this up and invalidate the wants and needs of the nonbinary community because such and such matters more.

  6. God I'm just so glad that the Stardew community is so welcoming, I can totally feel safe and comfortable expressing my gender identity here /s

  7. Alt + tab and browse Reddit while the EGC happens. Don't give them the satisfaction.

  8. Not everyone is on PC unfortunately. If I've had a bad game, all I can do is sit and watch them teabag their little asses off.

  9. I ran into this with Seb. I was standing outside his door watching him fuck around in his room.

  10. Yeah but he does eventually leave the room. I believe around 3pm to go to the kitchen and it's about a 30 minute window before he gets back to his room.

  11. i think certain days he just doesn't.

  12. Heelies are a must, gotta escape the zombies in style.

  13. Bro shut up you’re heterochromatic, that’s a cheat code lmao. Jokes aside you look great.

  14. Ngl I forgot he existed for a moment. Best few months of my life.

  15. Bro why does he look better in the earlier portraits? If CA had kept one of those maybe I would actually see the appeal.

  16. what happens when you get shit on by the t-bagger and get bagged by all 4 at the gate?

  17. You sound like the type of killer to throw the game just to kill one survivor lmao

  18. Sometimes it's just worth it. I literally stopped everything I was doing one game to chase down a Nea who teabagged me on the other side of a pallet and proceeded to follow me around clicking for like five minutes.

  19. I dunno if this is a dumb question or whatever, but how are transwomen non binary? They are literally one of the binary genders??

  20. How the hell would they be able to give him four 5-inch pizzas but not a 9-inch pizza?

  21. So despite the fact that I've spent enough bp to have prestige at least twice, I likely won't prestige at all due to the fact that I don't have that many teachable perks.

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