Herman Carter does not give the hatch :D (artist is me)

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  1. Basekit shadowborn would make thegame muchmore pleasant for killers. Nothing makes me hate the gae more than losing a survivor who is on top of me abusing FOV. Such a silly mechanic.

  2. That would make it easier to get flashlight blinded. No thanks.

  3. Real talk, is there any tweak to his base kit you'd like to see?

  4. Just wanted to ask real quickly I clicked purchase and it asked me to transfer crypto but I still don't have access to any pornhub premium features I wouldn't be sued right if I don't pay?

  5. You can tell that the artist is probably BVHR's favorite killer because of how many cosmetics she gets. Not complaining about this one though because it's actually super dope.

  6. Ah but you missed my own. I said he was 49...ya know? Like the Miner 49ers?

  7. I love Jane! Rarely ever see anyone playing her when I’m killer, so she usually gets to escape :)

  8. Jane was my OG main. Then this past weekend I had an brain fart and accidently prestiged her when she already had every perk under the sun maxed out.

  9. Yeah i know they probably said that to save their ass but hey their words

  10. Maybe update how end game works so people don't feel inclined to slug for 4k to avoid hatches 50/50 gamble

  11. Ever since the hatch rework I've always loved trying to find hatch vs the last survivor.

  12. It was considered a free save and transport to the opposite side of the map; which if you ran right, meant the killer was sending you straight back to the generator being worked on; or near enough to it.

  13. Shut the fuck up and just stop this you simp

  14. If someone takes a bomb, and tries to get rid of it before it kills themselves and those around them, but accidently kills others, is that really a crime? Like, if she didn't do anything the people on the ground would have been dead. No matter what people would have been dead.

  15. Did Spidey slow it down, or just detect it sooner due to Spidey Sense? I always thought that was the "official interpretation".

  16. Don't forget his suit likely has nanites that were desperately trying to repair the damage.

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