1. I'm curious about the woodware drops I thought I read yesterday on this site they were getting a blahh reviews?

  2. lemon slushee by klutch. i’m convinced that’s the reason i’ve been doing well in college while i haven’t been on adhd meds

  3. Ya I don't like the bags they use I usually cut them anyway ..........they are really hard to open and close.

  4. No I want to try for sure...has anyone tried the salty watermelon?

  5. Diamonds and sauce is thca diamonds in terpene sauce i believe, concentrates can definitely be confusing though no doubt! So many different kinds! And dry herb vapes are what you are looking for to consume flower! They sell some at dispensaries but you are better off buying online (price and option wise)

  6. they make it confusing, so people buy more and that = more profit

  7. They should be focused on putting more rules in place for the growers to grow great weed instead of the patients.

  8. Not for nothing, but Klutch's I.C.C. never contained myrcene as a primary, as w/the majority of its phenotypes throughout our nation. Most likely the reason Certified crossed it w/kush mints, to bring up them myrcene levels regular ICC lacks --- they call it Certified Ice Cream. Just one reason why I've never cared for ICC, cuz I'm a myrcene junkie. I prefer caryophyllene second, as it aids the bio-availability of myrcene passing through our brain's membrane.

  9. Yes, I find this to be a hard fix because for me if the bud is hitting me in a good way, I will feel some anxiety. Sounds strange ....

  10. Interesting info Hey since you work there should I be concerned about the rso gummies? I eat a lot of those...thanks

  11. I have a question how did terps come into play like back in the day with street weed? just wondering

  12. Kava kava root DONT make you sleepy? I'm insomniac and kava kava root shot (like a 5hr energy size) and I was out in no time. I'm unsure where to find them anymore though. I bought ALL of them in a 100 mile radius at every GNC. They stopped making them years ago. Maybe 7 years. I take 2mg Xanax for sleep (prescribed) and a little drop of cdn on a bowl puts me out just as good. I harvest reclaim from dab rig. It's cbn high %.

  13. Your lucky I can't get anyone to prescribe 2mg Xanax for sleep I had a doctor a few years back that did butt retired Plus I have severe anxiety, and no one will prescribe.

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