1. There was only one Math HL option in 2020, and it did have Calculus. Whether it had enough calculus to satisfy your uni is up to them. I would talk to the university academic advising office to see what they think. They should have a more formal document about this, which may or may not be confidential.

  2. Maybe helping you to find facts yes but writing no

  3. ChatGPT will give you facts, but it won't give you the right citations for them. You'll be plagiarising regardless.

  4. Your first step should be to talk to the TA about where you lost points. Set up a meeting to discuss this if you can, so you also get a chance to convince them about points you think you should have gotten.

  5. The feedback wasn't even that detailed. To me it's just a bunch of gibberish and I was assuming that the reader would have adequate knowledge of the topic.

  6. This is exactly what office hours are for, to get more clarity on the feedback you receive.

  7. Out of the total 6 subjects, you are allowed to get a 2 in 2 subjects and a 3 or below in 3 subjects. So, yes, you can still get your diploma with a 2 in Chem HL.

  8. Are you saying 327SL 327HL 0 core (=24) would be a fail? Interesting

  9. You don't need to, but it is still a good idea to have them on hand just in case. I just have all of mine on the cloud so I don't have to worry about losing stuff when I change devices.

  10. This isn't the last concert, there'll be more when you're of age.

  11. IB coordinator then, or whoever is incharge of CAS or knows enough about your school's CAS policy.

  12. Since it was unpaid, technically yes.

  13. As long as your school accepts it, the IB should not have a problem.

  14. Is it allowed? Yes. But so is submitting a blank document. Being that far from the word limit means you are missing something that the criteria need. Compare your essay with the assessment criteria and see what you're missing.

  15. Nope, your bank was only charged once. The Payments section is the money UBC takes from your bank and puts on your UBC tab with a note of sorts as to what that money is for. When they start processing the payment, they Charge this tab and use the money for whatever the note says it is for.

  16. For UBC, are you applying to BA Econ or BIE?

  17. Assuming your extra curriculars are good, UBC should be a yes.

  18. Just curious, any reason you want to rephrase your own sentences?

  19. 33. And nobody said i have a defficiency. Im just assuming i do lol.

  20. Get some multivitamins/supplements. Assuming no underlying conditions, as long as you don't exceed the recommended dosage on the packaging, your body should absorb what it needs and flush out the excess.

  21. The school you're applying to, but the list of specific people depends on the school.

  22. Maybe offer to study together or something and exchange Instagram or other social media before phone numbers? Might be less awkward for both of you.

  23. This is an approved resource/service advertisement - please see our

  24. Avoiding too much of it? Sounds like pacing and self-control.

  25. Check with your residence frot desk, the second charge might be the contract renewal fee, which doubles as the deposit for the next year.

  26. Hmm, I never got an email though and the amount is exactly one month rent vs the more rounded number for renewal. But it is worth checking there for sure

  27. Interesting, it might just be a glitch then; definitely worth checking with them.

  28. I'm guessing you currently have first-year standing but will be a second year by the time your contract would have started. From what I've heard, no, there is no preference for upper-year standing. It is still worth replying to them and asking for some feedback. Any feedback you get here is helpful for any future job applications.

  29. As per the housing website, the protocol is for them to heave a sign outside your door on the door handle.

  30. As a student at UBC, you may email any UBC prof, regardless of whether you are taking a class with them, have ever taken a class with them, or will never take a class with them. If the prof feels you are rude or imposing on their time, they can ignore your email and not get back to you. That it totally their choice and you cant know what they choose unless you reach out to them.

  31. It's a test kitchen for the gallery, so yeah, they test stuff like you would in a lab.

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