1. I always imagined myself more like a blue slime from an rpg.

  2. That grass checkerboard is a chef's kiss

  3. I am not a professional but as a lazy homeowner myself, I would put the slabs on their side somehow, lay gravel of desired choice, and then lay the slabs back over. I understand not wanting to damage the slabs, however, all that digging is a lot work and the base is already solid so I mean... just move em, dust with gravel, put em back.

  4. I hope they name the card in the most difficult way. Something like Borboryfblthipgymos

  5. Id play that shit just cuz of the name.

  6. The relationship I have with my fiancé is what I consider healthy, so Ill just kinda describe stuff we do.

  7. Caring about what my peers thought of me back in highschool and lower. I wasted so much energy, time, and let grades slip while trying to impress people I can hardly remember the face of today. Should have just kept to myself, do as I pleased, and obtained a scholarship.

  8. Oh I bet those are tasty! Got any homemade guac to go with em?

  9. I do make my own guac as well, but right now just working on perfecting my chips!

  10. Well from here, it looks like you figured it out.

  11. The people who vote for me have big amygdalas and even bigger guns. If you charge me with a crime, they're gonna use em for fun.

  12. While not really pareidolia, this is still badass. Maybe

  13. Please tell me that there is a Margit, the Fell Omen hanging out in the Golden Circle district.

  14. Damn that brings back memories. I would usually bait them first, then toss a rock. In my head as a child, I was just trying to get it closer so I could hit it better with a rock. That and ye olé A-button tricks that never really did anything, but again, in my head it helped.

  15. That's actually what I did lol, mostly out of desperation. It sure does feel good replaying them. The new games have their own sort of charm but I never knew how much I missed the classic formula and NPC interactions. So many jokes and easter eggs scattered about

  16. I think the new ones hold your hand a bit too much and for some reason, I dont feel the need to talk to npc's like I do in the olders. Sure, the new games have pokemon stadium like fights and some flashy mechanics, but, they have become very linear and feels like there is a void somewhere in the game because they arent as fulfilling as the olders. Not sure why tho.

  17. Hands down, slowly making Dwight's phone heavier with coins so he doesn't notice, and then one day taking them all out. Whack

  18. Can it please stop? Why are we still doing this?

  19. I landed a job that paid a livable wage.

  20. Im 30 now and my whole life, I've never had a clue what I wanted to do in life and I have just recently stumbled into a career that I love. All I ever did was take the highest paying local job, which was automative factory. Found out real fast that I hated being a living machine, but those QC folks seemed to enjoy their job. Decided to leave an automotive factory and work for a chemical one instead because the pay was better but I was still manual labor. Even there, those QC folks seemed to eating up the cake compared to the life I was living. So I started politicking and learning their job, applied when there was an opening, and the rest is history. Currently back in school for chemistry to grow as labrat and become a modern day alchemist. I wish I found this passion earlier but whatever, its here today.

  21. It was my mom, kinda fucked me up into adulthood. Not getting close or really every trusting people because the one main human's who's job it was to be there and trust, both couldn't nor wouldnt, or if they did, it was tool for manipulation.

  22. So Imma go with my local area- I absolutely hate how many Trumplicans surround me be I absolutely love the lower cost of living, spaced out populace, and trees.

  23. Play with your brain, not your wallet. Your whole deck could be hand written, on computer paper, placed in shitty penny sleeves for all I care. Lets play.

  24. No, I won't tear a deck down, but I will build a whole new one instead.

  25. My co-host Tony does that. He sets aside the strong deck for a rainy day and makes something else.

  26. One thing that I've noticed by doing this, is it almost guarantees that the next deck will be weaker. This is because I typically only have 1 copy of the "good" cards and so they stay in whatever deck theme they're most optimal for. This forces the new deck to work with things that arent the best, but they do the job.

  27. It really works. I used to just wing it and at the end of month felt terrible. I love Magic but it has to remain fun. So I can highly advice working on a budget, especially if you’re worried about destabilizing your finances.

  28. Imma start doing this now, thank you. I currently just think about cards only as an expense but you make SOLID points. All mtg expenses, not just cards, but accessories and activities count too.

  29. Exactly, thats how i started seeing it and it helped me a lot. When I gathered all the 'playing MtG' costs together it kinda freaked me out and now I have total control.

  30. I suppose buying singles would be best. I typically buy singles for decks already built, and boosters for inspiration on a new. I could however, just Google the cards within a set and buy the few that catch my eye, instead of what Im doing now. Thanks!

  31. Oh this is wonderful, I love this and all its jank. Thank you for the inspiration to build a slug tribal.

  32. I started with (24×7=a×4=b×12=c×100) 806,400hrs in this life, now left with (c×30=d-806400) 564,480hrs, and if you wanna waste more of YOUR time, that's fine but me, I got shit I wanna get done and less time to do it in with each passing second. So please, stay out of the fast lane if you're driving the speed limit.

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