Axe wielding maniac flips a car into the ditch while raging

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  1. Is he saying he’s back on their side? Or against?

  2. This reminded me of the Key and Peele skit with the game of Ass Slap. I’m off to go watch it now.

  3. Mf said ‘I’m going to kill both of you’ dude said stfu you’re tasting pavement.

  4. I guess I just cant fathom not being so excited to spin them that you sit on them for a few months and then casually open em. I have to think there are other people out there who wanted them and would be a bit more excited to actually hear them, as opposed to posting them.

  5. I had a Prince vinyls still wrapped in its cellophane for a couple years until last week. You said that you don’t wait to open your vinyls, so you really don’t understand what it feels like to finally open on after so long. It’s a different vibe homie, it feels a bit rewarding and some people like to look at the vinyls with the cellophane on it because I think it’s a bit more official feeling. Just speaking from personal experience and I feel like it might relate a bit to op’s opinion on the situation.

  6. Seen this posted a bunch. Spoiler alert, it wasn’t about a fucking coupon. OP is just low key racist

  7. I came to the comments to see if anyone else was talking about this. It’s not over ‘taco coupons’ and I’m almost positive op said that because the people in the video are Latino. The only problem is that I don’t have a link to prove it’s not over a coupon, but I do remember seeing this posted about two weeks ago and the comments had some context. But I agree with you, it was nothing close to ‘taco coupons’.

  8. Homie was lost thinking about that bomb ass lasagna he had last night

  9. Jesus, this is a Grade A example of a full blown idiot in a car. Hopefully the people in the car he rage flipped are okay. What an asshole.

  10. Wow. I made a simple little comment poking fun at a silly title. You are the one getting all offended and butt hurt. Get over it already

  11. And the part where you lost the argument so you attempted to play it off as a misunderstanding? Did you forget buddy? Or do you just not want to explain because you don't want to admit defeat?

  12. Thank you. I mean christ, it was one word and it doesn’t even make the caption incorrect or confusing. I don’t understand why they had a fit.

  13. Every time I see this video on Reddit, I have to downvote it. OP, I’m sure you’re a good person but this video is anything but that. So cringe, so bad.

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