AITA for packing my kid an “inappropriate” lunch?

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  1. Getting taken in by a demon/monster of some kind and made to do all sorts of sexual favors in exchange for a decent life.

  2. I’ll take a few rounds with an incubus or a few incubi!

  3. Love it! Definitely needed that after a brutal couple of days.

  4. Sometimes… I like going just to see what else is there and for free samples. Will grab a sausage or hotdog on the way out.

  5. You’ll get your pick still. They are changing to Power Picks next month.

  6. I've got the same notification and no choice. I'm confused 😕

  7. You’ll get your pick on the 2nd/3rd. They are doing Power Picks now

  8. What does this actually look like? I got a bunch of different items in my mystery package.

  9. I actually answer 911, I get so many calls from Apple Watch and iPhones letting me know that the owner of this apple watch or iPhone has been involved in a sever crash and it gives LAT and LONG. I even had AW call 911 letting me know someone had a hard ended up being a guy on a bicycle that had fallen off of his bike and was knocked out.

  10. I’ve had my watch attempt a call when I fell. I was alright so was able to cancel it. It has also had a close call when my heart rate sky rocketed too high shovelling 20+ inches of snow.

  11. The watch will call 911 if your heart rate is too high?

  12. It was over 200. An alert came up cautioning me it was high and would contact police I was able to hit cancel and go inside to relax.

  13. I don't know what I'm doing wrong because that seems impossible! How do you accrue that many?

  14. I had 6 people over the course of 3 months sign up. 1800 points each time. I also find it difficult to find things I like to spend them on so they accumulate until I really have to spend them. But then I get too many and nothing there.

  15. I wish I knew someone who wanted to sign up. Not sure I could faithfully recommend it right now though, with one foot out the door.

  16. I posted on here in the link and on FB group and got Interest that way. One I did to my “husband” but used as an item for a rescue auction.

  17. When did you pay the $13? You don’t get charged for April until the 31 March or April 1. If you want Aprils bag you need to stay subscribed. You might be getting March bag.

  18. I'm missing 70$ worth of ad ons, contacted them on the 23 they said to provide them with the info screenshots etc I did that same day and I haven't heard anything since

  19. It took them about 5 days to get back to me when I was missing about $40 worth of stuff. I’ve started taking videos of me getting the box from my mailbox, walking home and opening it as they assured me it was packed correctly.

  20. I get these from both for the Christian Colleges/Universities I’ve attended. Often 2-3 times a year.

  21. I’ve used the mist before. Quite like it. I only had a sample at that time.

  22. We’ve a large flock of these at my school. They like to attack the students for no reason.

  23. Did you redeem 1800 points last month for a mystery item? Some (lucky) people were sent 5 full items making it a mystery bag.

  24. This is what I for for the mystery item. Quite impressed as I am not overly keen on my bag.

  25. I only got a teeth whitening kit. I’ll use it, I guess I always wanted to try one out. But I’d rather have gotten a bag of goodies honestly, so lucky you!!

  26. I would have been okay with that as well. I was honestly thinking I’d get a palette which would’ve been given to my students for art class.

  27. Wait... who got 6 products? Mine was just the chela palette and the brush set, which I love honestly.

  28. I got 5 items. 2 Goldfadens (brightening elixir and mist RX), ulta vintage makeup headband, Clara’s oil serum rh rosehip, and a 3pk of face masks.

  29. Am i the only one who pick grown alchemist hand cream ? I tried a lot from the brand and quite impress on the formula... so i went for it ♡

  30. This is what I ended up picking. There were 3 I was deciding from and the grown alchemist won.

  31. That was in my top 3… ended up going with something else

  32. I had this once before as well looking back into it. They were shipped late (March 16) and was in my box today. Normally it takes 12-15 days.

  33. Yes it did for me but it’s also delivered through Canada post

  34. As a child/teen through school would always respond with “your point? At least It’s less weight to carry around!”

  35. I think they are out of their ever loving mind!

  36. They were super excited to have it back! Saw people taking pictures with it today when we stopped by for lunch. Was wondering what was so special about it. The BBQ Pulled pork soup today was tasty.

  37. I’ve got this message for March. It happened once before but I still got the month bag. Interested to see what this months will bring me. It just shipped yesterday so won’t get it until April 3-5 most likely given typical timeframes.

  38. Hear me out on this one. Voldemort left one of his horcruxes at the Riddle house so he wasn't just going to risk it falling into any old hands. No a muggle couldn't destroy a horcrux but if they demolished the house and had it taken away by a bulldozer he'd never be able to have someone retrieve the Horcrux if he needed it.

  39. Makes sense… he did have the diary and all…

  40. NTA - wow! If a teacher made that kind of comment in my board, they wouldn’t be working anymore. Sounds like that teacher need to take a course in culturally responsive teaching. My classrooms are full of various cultural foods and while some do have different smells than what one might be use to, the students enjoy learning about each others food choices. The teacher is definitely TA.

  41. I’ve got just the glam bag and it’s stuck in the assembly stage. If nothing by the 17th I’ll message them.

  42. Interesting… I opted for this mystery item myself. Curious to see what it is… hasn’t even shipped yet.

  43. I’ve used one for the past 18 months. Works great! I do take off and wash/clean once a month

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