1. Nioce. Gotta add this to the list. How much did it cost all said and done?

  2. Wait you aren’t ripped I’m ripped(anything is possible when you lie)

  3. Wait, we are supposed to do that with dummy rounds?

  4. Thanks! I didn’t make that it’s from an awcy pack I believe. But I’ve done similar things in ideamaker before.

  5. Have you tested out the Menendez and DMB magazines on your Builds ? If you have which would you say work better on them

  6. I’ve had better luck with the menendez in 10rd g26 mags. They lock up better when loaded. Also all Glock mags are sensitive to the mag release being properly shaped and the recess in the mag having a nice sharp edge to sit on. Otherwise the like to pop out. The dmb g17 mags worked better than the menendez assortments in that size but all of this is likely anecdotal and just my .02.

  7. Good looking print - but be very careful tightening the two halves together with that print orientation it’s going to want to split in half.

  8. They work better when inserted into a firearm and then used to deliver those shiny things to a location far away at great speed...but i guess throwing them at a target is a nice way around some strict local laws.... lol, Nice work! Great job getting Taulman printed and dimensionally accurate that stuff is super finicky. also your spreadsheet work lets me know we can trust you.

  9. It doesn't hurt for sure! High infill is just wasted plastic, strength comes from walls.

  10. Well in that case we'll just injection mold everything and call it a day.

  11. i get so nervous when i see real rounds in a partially assembled firearm...

  12. Great looking print. Buckle up for removing those supports. Wear gloves and go slow. Next time try fine tuning to get slightly less support structures. But either way loooooking good!

  13. For me orienting things where the layer lines on the feed ramps run parallel with the cartridge movement direction stopped them from catching on the edge of the case lip as it feeds.

  14. Yep. You can sand it but unfortunately most of the ways to avoid that will have consequences. I know the rails down homies are prob already indoctrinating you at this point which allows you to hide this in the explodey areas

  15. You meant to post the next pic on your phone after you convinced it a bit harder.

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