1. Meh, its a good way for people to get a boost in gear. I really don't mind. Its a 10-15 minute round max and its soloable most of the time anyways.

  2. I agree fully with your statement, as I posted a similar thing. When stuff died in seconds, it’s just not fun. In nightmare or plat survival, when people leave, I choose to not join matchmaking because I would rather 2 man it.

  3. I actually enjoy doing a carry. If it’s not a hard carry, I honestly get too bored by it because there’s no challenge. Like when I join a nightmare survival and I see a bunch of level 100 ki players, I am much more happy than if I see a bunch of 120s.

  4. The FDG is a worse bismarck in every aspect.

  5. Yeah, I'm so mad at myself for listening to all the people who were saying FDG would be good. Germans never have good accuracy at all, that's a given, but normally they can at least tank stuff long enough for it to die. Not in this case. I've been thinking about taking the loss, and just selling it until if and when they buff the armor at least, at tighten up the shell spread. I remember reading something about FDG having Bismarks pre-buff stats.

  6. I never knew that! Time to make another Samurai build hahaha

  7. It was a new change with the last update. Along with making all legendary katanas have their stance mastery built in. So say you have a masters katana, you would have Water, stone, moon, and wind mastery all in one katana. Or if you picked up masamunes edge (pardon the spelling) you would have wind mastery. Also includes if you add a different stance to it. So if you added moon stance to a legendary katana, it would now have moon mastery.

  8. Don’t forget diamond deni avdija with ruby rui hachimura. So many limiteds won with that combo

  9. For real. Almost any week that had Ruby/Diamond requirements they were used. I even used it today to get my ring.

  10. Spoiler alert! I don’t know how to redact something on my phone for spoiler.

  11. Thanks for the input! That's a theme that's forming, KD having a wack looking shot lol. A couple people seem to like him but it sounds like he definitely doesn't play like KD. I guess bc they're all clones of like 3 builds, theres a chance they're all wack shots. I've only used the free EGs, honestly didn't mind Hardens shot but since he doesn't have the step back sigs I just don't like using that card.

  12. Yeah I pulled EG SF/PG Durant on the one pack I bought. But his shot is so hard to green online for me at least. It’s too fast on current Gen, and I don’t really like playing next Gen. I probably will end up selling him.

  13. There’s a lot wrong with the assassin build. First two things that don’t really matter on what the build is, are get rid of fire master and get rid of heavens sting, the dart is not s good place to use s legendary spot on. And depending on how you play, and what exactly your techniques are, would make it easier for me to help you out. Add me to psn and I’ll help you, or just post your technique here and I can help you here. PSN is Sneakatoke21

  14. There is another person named misscharrylady9 that literally only hits drums, ignores revives and then quits, I would show you the footage but I’m confused on how Reddit works, queued with them multiple times and the same thing happened.

  15. Wow that’s messed up. Like what kind of joy do they get out of that?

  16. I've had some really poor or selfish players but not yet an outright troll. Well, potentially one.

  17. It’s my first experience of someone like this. I’ve had people go afk, but never this.

  18. I was thinking this but I didn’t want to say it cause I’m not a mean person

  19. Just black out the other people in the run on thr picture. That’s what I’ve done in the past if I was to post a SS of a good run.

  20. You should of kunai’d him, then you would finish him before he recovers.

  21. I did a similar build a few weeks ago, but I went with staggered damage over ultimate damage, and stacked a bit more SED. I think I went with chain vanish on my charm instead of combat regen though. But it’s a fun build to 3 shot big purple oni’s in like 3 seconds lol.

  22. Change status effect damage to duration and use helmet piercing darts instead of hallucination. If you want hallucination you can add the hysteria perk to your charm instead of combat regen.

  23. Your katana doesn't really matter because you shouldn't be using it in plat 7.

  24. People kept killing the oni lol .. I had to try and sneak away to get them to kill each other

  25. Just get hysteria on your assassin charm, and eventually you'll get one in a single platinum

  26. What happens if you're using stone striker and all three are staggered? 🤔

  27. They will never change it, just like how they wont change the defenders dropping down. People would complain that they can't get open and score. So they would say they're not playing anymore, 2k would immediately cave and cater to the paying "customer".

  28. Use 2,000 honour to bind. Hover over the item whilst selected as the character you want to bind to. Press square and go into the reroll menu. Scroll down to the bottom. There should be an icon with ‘bind to this class’ on it where you tab onto it.

  29. It’s 2000 essence. 2000 honor would be horrible.

  30. Really makes me want to learn how to MMC lol. Ive tried before but just couldn't do it.

  31. Somehow the most broken ship in game is going to make it off with a 12% reload buff, yes. But it Will finally be going against some more balancing competition at least, but it will probably still get a reload nerf after they release the mistake they made by giving it slot 4. It does only make sense to give it an extra slot, but this is a ship that is more in need of a nerf than any other in game, with the exception of saipan, it makes no sense to give it a buff of any kind.

  32. They should’ve thought about that before they started pushing it as much as they could towards the end of its sale time when they knew what they would be doing in the end. Untrustworthy company.

  33. Maybe so, but I have no sympathy for people who run Weimar in anything but a fail division. You can’t expect to get away with a cheat code microtransaction in a multiplayer game indefinitely

  34. I mean, that’s the entire idea of micro transactions. People want to be able to compete whether they’re up to the skill level or not, and that’s a way. Companies understand this and so they use it to their financial benefit.

  35. Just download the PS app. You can now view and download captures from it

  36. This is the way. Can’t get any easier than this. I use it all the time.

  37. fake of course, do you really think they would act like that on prime time?

  38. damn, how many women y'all pulling after every game?

  39. If he was playing in Magics time, I'm sure he would have got the HIV as well.

  40. I’m more impressed with how fast you tossed that concussion bomb. It doesn’t let me do it that fast, like it takes a second just to get the bomb pack open.

  41. Was more about how much fun and stylish melee combat is, nothing impressive really.

  42. I’m on ps5 also. Weird. I had just tried it and it takes me a pretty long delay. Do you use melee alternate?

  43. Yeah, Well I don’t know if it really is, but I just decided to try it because I noticed how much damage the Stone striker does on a staggered target, like the big purple only’s. You can literally three shot them. And so what do you blow dart, you can stagger them almost right away by using weaken and a few poison darts, I think three to be exact

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