1. Being confused at the title, I went looking to see who the other person was and it turns out this is Derrian Gobourne, her brother Derric and two family friends, Donald Frison and Dale Hill.

  2. OP made a wee mistake, Skunk Anansie is the name of the band that she is the singer in. She goes by the name of Skin & she has an incredible voice, a poetic soul & balls of steel.

  3. It will also take him a year to apologize and realize he did the wrong thing

  4. I was diagnosed with it at 12/13 after suffering debilitating cramps & an internal exam that was performed by a curmudgeonly old cow that was angry at me for having gone to the toilet too recently. I was a child, the hospital is over an hours drive from where I lived and I had tried to only pee out half since I just needed to be comfortable.

  5. I wish I was tripping right now. Your girlfriend's muse would have gone from very entertaining to a total mind blowing experience. But on a sufficient dosage of psychedelics I tend to forget how cell phones work and would not be reading this on reddit right now... you see my conundrum.

  6. Do what I did as a teenage first timer & make some pretty motivational notes to leave lying around.

  7. Name your feelings. Dont try to suppress. This is a time to be open. You can feel sad or angry or disparing as one part of the experience and take action as the other part. Other rescue workers will share those feelings so talk to them. It is okay to have whatever reactions you have. Some morbid joking may occur, Guilt may hit you, regardless of what is reasonable for you to have done. Accept that bad things out of your control are going to happen. You are blessed to be present for awhile. Name your feelings out loud. Help others find the names for theirs.

  8. Add to that first suggestion to name your feelings, I have an idea. Write down your thoughts as you try to debrief yourself from the horror as posts on whatever social media platform works best for you there.

  9. I bathe or shower my kids every night as part of their bedtime routine. They have both always been fantastic sleepers so with the very rare exception due to a late return home or illness I’m not going to mess with the program.

  10. I'm sure the accessories are priced like that because you pick them up thinking they'll be a couple of quid. The supermarket hopes you might not notice they are £12 amongst your other shopping. Twunts.

  11. Absolute bell ends, hoping to catch folk out. I can’t stand it when you see those tactics used in what I call “granboozlers”, like when packaging makes out something has a LOL doll in it but it’s actually just bath confetti & nail stickers.

  12. This all over. I’m not even old yet Iv been had by this sort of crap. I popped into Tesco with my four year old Minecraft obsessed nephew. He NEEDED this little plastic set. Had a two inch tall action figure in it with a little plastic spade. I didn’t really look at the price, I just assumed it were a fiver or so.

  13. My daughter loves those minecraft figure sets. You often get them in home bargains for a bit cheaper but if you check eBay for used bundles you can get quite a few figures for £20.

  14. The Southerners seem to really struggle with the concept of our weather being vastly different to theirs.

  15. The weather isn't vastly different. Daily mean Temp in Jan for Edinburgh according to Met office is 4.5C, Daily Mean Temp for Reading in Jan is 4.8C. In Feb Edinburgh and Reading have the same Daily Mean of 4.8C. Birmingham is actually slightly colder in Jan and Feb than Edinburgh. Even in London the daily mean in Jan and Feb isn't Vastly different to Edinburgh. 5.6C Daily Mean in Jan in London. definitely Warmer, but I wouldn't say Vastly.

  16. Weather isn’t just temperature though. Cold wind & poorly insulated houses is a real problem.

  17. I guess families do not take or make public photos of them all looking thoroughly depressed though so you are usually left with the happy looking family photos

  18. I am not the original commenter but I think the point was that this is a photo of a murderer with his two victims, it seems to be rational to expect the murder victims might not want to be shown as a happy family with their murderer. It’s a bit wild that in a situation where the victims thoughts cannot be known, the media falls to the assumption that they would “understand” or “forgive” which is nuts.

  19. You may be over thinking this. I don't think the photos are intended to get across the idea that the victims have forgiven or should forgive the killed. It's more because they're looking for one photo which contains all of the family members, and those types of photos tend to be the ones where people are smiling at the camera or at least not looking miserable. Also, it may serve as a jarring contrast between what they looked like on the surface (a 'happy' family) vs. the domestic troubles that might actually have been going on.

  20. I agree in principle & again, I’m not the original commenter but I think that’s the point… dramatic journalism takes precedent over the dignity of two murder victims. It’s a common occurrence with domestic violence victims, it’s somehow become ok to mainly show the woman while in the midst of her ignorance about her future killer.

  21. I saw that you mentioned Ben Shapiro. In case some of you don't know, Ben Shapiro is a grifter and a hack. If you find anything he's said compelling, you should keep in mind he also says things like this:

  22. I’ve heard the term “cock tease” in reference to a woman who was enjoying dancing and had the audacity to not let that lead to an orgy with every thirsty guy on the dance floor.

  23. Suddenly their unofficial uniform makes perfect sense…. I could hardly see them.

  24. That’s not something I want in my search history. Could you expand please?

  25. That’s was much more wholesome than I expected. Although queef in the billowing wind might haunt my dreams. Haha.

  26. Where is the humanity in this situation? Someone should be comforting him in such a tragic & horrifying moment. Imagine how scared & alone he feels under that truck. Everyone standing around filming could at least have let him record a final farewell video or make a phone call. Damn people.

  27. Apart from feeling camaraderie with other stubbers when they post barefoot videos of cats etc… what are the advantages of rectangle feet?

  28. Once you’ve worn them, they ALL should have a left and right unless you’re Stub-toe Squaresocks.

  29. Don’t leave bleach on too long, it will eat through the seal. I have had success with tooth paste which you can scrub right in & leave on for an hour or so. Give it another scrub before rinsing & wipe it down with a cloth.

  30. I’m guessing they were bought as candle holders & should be heat resistant?

  31. Same. My mom was a good friend to many people so it is hard for them to understand that she is capable of being a terrible mom. Those are 2 different skillets and they require different expectations of people. I don't bother explaining anymore because they don't understand

  32. I used to find it really hard to accept that people couldn’t see the darkness in her. Now I expect that they won’t.

  33. For a long time no one, not even my siblings knew what a terrible mom she was and they'd get mad at me for "being so hard on mom". Now that we are adults my sister recently told me that the older she gets the more she realizes that our mom was abusive and she can see that I was treated the worst of all my siblings. My sister and brother had a somewhat supportive mom who tried but failed a lot with them but she never even tried with me. Unfortunately whatever connection my mom had with my siblings she broke it by being herself and now neither of them view her as a mom anymore either but at least they had one for a bit.

  34. I get where you’re coming from. I’m the youngest of three and by the time she was Mothering me, she was in full on corporal punishment mode. My sister never had a finger lifted at her but she knows I did. She will often leave her kids alone in her care and make out that I was a spoiled brat of a kid who made her life Hell. Sheesh.

  35. Not a black person but I’m seeing no other answers so might I offer a new way to question yourself here?

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