1. MLB already slotted him above Kreidler. I doubt he opens the year with the big club but 7 in our system for Jimenez is solid.


  3. That was after the trade people overreacting to small sample size. Not thinking that he was good. The sub fucking hated him when he was with us last year, I got downvoted numerous times for defending him. Though I was wrong so it was deserved.

  4. OK but there could be 100 of them deployed in a 1 square mile area, flying so high you can't see them.. Then what the fuck you gonna do...

  5. We are talking about a theoretical machine war in which the machines have the ability to manufacture MORE machines.

  6. Wish him the best! Hope he gets some playing time. I think he should be looking at someone worse like Pitt or Oak to guarantee more playing time but I definitely wish him luck!


  8. The actual activity is healthy, but the unhealthy dieting culture too often surrounding it isn’t

  9. The Nassars of the gymnastics world are another unfortunate consequence of an otherwise amazing sport because we as a society refuse to make people safer when money is at stake.

  10. The Tigers unfortunately also have the issue that the exact players that could make a difference now AND when this theoretical window opens in ‘24 likely have better options with organizations that are better positioned to win, offering more money, better climate, and a better city to live in (for the average 25-35 year old rich athlete). So to counter that the tigers have to improve their (currently very flawed ) core, and probably go make a statement signing. Why not offer Xander 30-35 mil per year today? 4th richest owner in baseball and imagine the effect that would have on the rest of the roster?

  11. He’d immediately be our best hitter. Baez could go to 2nd and Schoop to 3rd. Or sign him to play 3b if that’s even possible. Do we really care about his defence more than the fact we were pretty much the worst hitting team in mlb last season and not one player that could help turn that around next year looks to be someone the tigers will sign in the next few days/weeks/months? Admittedly Xander has better options so only a big overpay could land him.

  12. There are some guys on here I like but it doesn't seem the tigers are going to pay anyone this offseason. Roster improvement is off the table. Realistically, only a couple guys on here are options.

  13. I think it's going to be bridge guys all around. I like Turner to a 2 year deal for 3rd and then trade him to a contender if he's popping off.

  14. Any player that can have a shot to realistically make the team. Any position. It’s a 100k dice roll FFS Chris.

  15. Her phone said it was -27°C. America is the only place that uses Fahrenheit as a regular measurement of temperature. The rest of the world uses Celsius

  16. Not sure why this needs to be said but the units don't really matter here. Either way it's cold as fuck! -27C is -17F and -27F is -33C. Not much difference in reality here. Theyre all fucking cold.

  17. This was a wild shot. I thought for sure the game was over then TB got another shortly after...

  18. Or you could only buy 6 legendary modules a day, like gold bullion(400). But you can get unlimited scrips.

  19. If we kept one player from the Avila era I would want Harold. He has value to a winning team with his hit tool and versatility. Just dont for the love of god make him your starting middle infielder.

  20. Think they re-sign him? I kinda think we should say fuck it draft defense and pay Goff

  21. Hes signed through 24 iirc. It's just not guaranteed money.

  22. yes , just because we need to shake up the roster clear the stench, time for new blood.

  23. Winker doesn't really help us. We have three lefties likely slotted for OF spots in Greene, Meadows, and Carpenter. Baddoo, I believe is still gonna be trotted out as a 4th... we need a right handed bat.

  24. It’s called READING BETWEEN the lines LOL. Let the slaves complain my dude.

  25. It's pretty ignorant to call a teacher a slave. We have exponentially more flexibility in life. Are you looking for peasants? Proletariat? plebeian?

  26. You’re misunderstanding. I’m not saying that I’m not making an “argument from authority.”

  27. That’s exactly how this works. You’re making a claim, so YOU need to back it up.

  28. My claim was you're using logical fallacies and then I posted the definition for you to read. Yet here we are... I say this with all due respect. You need to read more.

  29. He’s shown no signs of trending down. And what would be trending down for the dude who was just the best pitcher in the league? Him at 70% is still better than most. He’s built different. He’s the LeBron/Brady of pitching.

  30. Best pitcher in the league, no thats Ohtani and you’re nuts if you’re just gonna reply back and say “well he won the cy young”. Gun to your head nobody is taking JV over Ohtani

  31. Ohtani is the better player but Verlander is a better pitcher. He just can't hit worth a shit.

  32. There's been an overreaction to the $10M salary. If you ignore the money and just think about Matt Boyd as the LH starter bounceback candidate who was an excellent teammate who loved playing in DET, I think most ppl's opinion on this signing would change.

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