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  1. Honestly, rexy doesn't need an urgent nerf cos of the shift in meta...

  2. I'm seeing some Fulgur Anjanath in its colors, I like it.

  3. Nothing like making your opponent lose, and wasting all of their time while you're at it.

  4. Yes cos it's still meta relevant and is extremely good in raids

  5. Didn't need to buy premium pass to have enough dna to get giganyx to lvl 24.

  6. Agreed. Dodo is often put down, but I have found it to be quite good in certain situations. You will want to replace SRg2 as soon as you can, and the Baryonix pair will drop in usage quick and need to be replaced. But for now, have fun with it.

  7. Pretty good. I recommend u to bench dodos first and replace it with another flock eg: compys.

  8. Replace smilocepha for phorusaura and s para lux for dracocera

  9. Pretty sure that op is asking for ur opinion in terms of viability

  10. It's held back from being good by it's poor health and bad rampage.

  11. Dimodactylus is the better of the 2. Stygidaryx can be pretty good with the right boosts. Seems like any good dino people are using have some type of bleed resistance/immunity. I just dropped Albertospinos off my team for Giganyx for that reason. Well, that and Giganyx is awesome

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