1. I was surprised how refreshing he actually was because typically when Julia films him...... to quote someone on here.....he resembles a thumb.

  2. That would have been me. I said he looks like a thumb. And he's so boring that if he were a spice, he would be flour.

  3. I posted it about 6 hours ago but it got lost on the other posts. I was so happy to see her get called out.

  4. There's no mall in a parc where there is a special event. I am looking for the opposite of what you propose with the towel handy.

  5. I usually use an umbrella and kind of tuck it under my armpit so both my hands are free. But you can also find clear rain ponchos here in the US for a dollar or so at Dollar General. You would just have to keep your arms and phone under the poncho to play.

  6. I’m pretty sure Tiffany doesn’t know the meaning behind the song Watermelon Sugar. Sr would not approve.😂😂

  7. I have honestly never heard the song, aside from the snippet used in every other reel. What is it about? It's Harry Styles, yes?

  8. Even if you told Tiffany that, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't recognize that word! Thanks for the info. I guess I should go listen to the song.

  9. I just turned on my game (almost midnight here) and I have one dark and one ghost type in my backyard. Late at night is the beat time to check.

  10. Almost entirely not the original songs. The original songs were licensed only for the original TV airings and original syndication, so when the show went to streaming platforms and DVD, they no longer had the music rights, so they replace almost all of the songs.

  11. That's what I figured. After hearing bad song after bad song, I figured the show probably used current and popular songs for that era, and then for at dictation they all got replaced. Ugh. It would be nice to watch the shows with the original songs.

  12. So if I travel, I can't play? Because scanning has NEVER worked for me on my phone. I upgraded phones eventually and scanning STILL doesn't work. It just freezes up the game.

  13. Someone who isn't hard right or hard left. Someone who is the party of "common sense" and preferably someone who isn't religious. It's not gonna happen, but that's who I would like to see become the next president.

  14. I don't think so. I've been catching at least one a day for some time now, but usually at least two a day.

  15. all the good stuff they are missing in the UK and totally oblivious to: the Rolling Stones playing in Hyde Park, Glastonbury Festival, huge royal events tied to the queen’s jubilee, etc., & how dare they deny little Stevie Kate the first bite of that dessert! Stupid whacko eyelash woman

  16. Back when they were in London, Paul Stanley and Jimmy Page were there, together, visiting places and catching up. They could have walked right past them and would have never known. Do they even know who the Rolling Stones are?

  17. Adam is acting especially feminine today. And he bugs the shit out of me.

  18. Is this a joke? For decades those who have opposed abortion have done so on religious grounds, arguing the Bible as proof that life/personhood begins at conception.

  19. They do evolve, so if you want to complete your Pokedex, start catching them. When they were first released into the game they were everywhere.

  20. I've seen tons of them and I'm not having a problem catching them. But my bug and water medals are both platinum. I have a little over 900 candies.

  21. I've been saying this since the beginning. We should be able to delete the eggs we don't want. My eggs, my choice!

  22. KISS. Even if someone isn't a fan, they seem to know the name of the original four.

  23. In England we'd call that a barmy summer's day

  24. I find it interesting that she always post with a filter on but at the same time thinks her feet and tongue is attractive enough to be shown.

  25. Some AR scanning task gives poffins as rewards. I know some folks don't do them for various reasons. I use a poffin everyday on my buddy and I still have 30ish poffins in my inventory

  26. I get lots of extra berries every day, so I level up several buddies each day with the berries

  27. 1 poffin immediately give your buddy 6 hearts, and all interactions give 2 hearts instead of 1

  28. You're not joking. It's a private accommodation built for young professionals though, all expenses are paid for in the price

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