1. The logic is that alternatively f(x) can be rewritten as (a+b/x)/(c+d/x) and if you were to sub 1000 or infinity you can see that d and b would become fractions (or 0 for infinity) so small that a/c is obviously the HA

  2. Yeah I realized the b and d values become increasingly insignificant the more x increases, but I didn’t think about rewriting it like that! thx for pointing it out

  3. So other than the 5 required classes (pre calculus, calculus, chemistry, physics, english), they look at 1 additional grade 12 level elective?

  4. Yes, which would be the elective with the best grade you got

  5. Some schools only have one round of admissions during May, which renders the grade 11 grades completely null. Otherwise though, yeah.

  6. Diversity was by far the hardest one for me. Plants and animal systems (2 diff units) are no joke though. Evolution was fairly simple but still needed some studying. Genetics was the easiest for sure

  7. It is top 6. It would be strictly unfair otherwise because many students only take six 4U courses in high school (by taking 2 spares). Why would unis punish those who go out of their way to increase their workload by taking into account their 7th and 8th 4U class, and thus missing out on spares?

  8. Look at your syllabus, ask your teacher about the weight of their assignments/tests, then do the math from there. It’s impossible for us to know if we dont know how many marked works youve done and how many remain in the future (as well as their respective weight). Just work hard and your grades will show.

  9. These appear to be grade 11 marks so I'll just say this, you need around a 90 average or a bit less to get into Western and Guelph for Civil Eng. To be competitive for Waterloo and Mac you'd need like 92+ and a good supplementary application.

  10. I think this is the saskatchewan scale, where a course name followed by 30 equates to grade 12, not grade 11

  11. Depends on the unit but in general, make sure you understand why you’re using/how you’re using a certain equation for a certain problem. Understand what you’re doing, dont plug-and-chug randomly

  12. If it’s a class that you won’t need for your program then that could be a valid reason maybe

  13. The textbook misses a lot of answers as well, especially when it comes to images of compounds

  14. Ultimately, only your gr12 marks will matter. Do not stress whatsoever about gr11

  15. very few uni programs care about your hours, they’ll usually just care about your grades. Only exceptions I can think of is UBC, waterloo’s CS program and mac health sci. You’d have to specifically put the amount of hours you did in the supplementary applications and mention what you did too

  16. Mac health sci does not care about your volunteer hours. Literally refrain from talking about EC’s in the supp app. Pls don’t give wrong info about putting hours in the supp app. For Waterloo u can put hours in the AIF, bc it asks for it, but not mac supp app.

  17. Tu écris mieux que je parle, et je me débrouille.

  18. Exactly!! I didn’t even give any real thoughts about what I wanted to pursue until the middle of 11th grade, and even then I’m still not exactly sure what I want to do. Time passed by so quickly that I forgot to focus on thinking about my future, and I regret that heavily… do you plan on pursuing anything specific?

  19. damn im jealous, i had to start tuesday last week 🥲 but omg i wish yall so much luck!! i believe in yall and i hope i can even meet some wonderful people here in uni

  20. The best way to learn any language (especially when it comes to sounding fluent) is to consume audiovisual content in that language, like movies videos books etc. This is what linguists like Stephen Krashen say

  21. Most of us havent had exams since 9th grade so honestly you’re ahead of us in that respect! Don’t stress it. Fill your schedule with bird courses like business, and plan your volunteering hours for christmas / march break so that it doesn’t interfere with school.

  22. You apply via OUAC, which is an online site. Your school will give you a code to access applications on the website around late November I believe.

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