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  1. Dated serious in high school, we both started separate colleges, and maintained our relationship. We were married and left school to start a family. We’ve been married 50 years. I think back sometimes about the fact that I could have lost her to the college boys and so happy she’s my wife.

  2. Based on all the comments, folks, WE are the VOTERS! we are responsible for his release and actions.

  3. Same thing you do when your whole family is full of liberal supporters. Your family is first, and politicians need not interfere with that.

  4. The headline with this photograph is disgusting. Post needs to be taken down.

  5. I married my first love, and after years of marriage, I can’t let go of the memories of her dating guys while we we dating.

  6. Do all of you bad mouth all people who protest publicly or just the ones you disagree with? The hostility seems odd in this thread.

  7. The family stuff did seem over the top. An the girl probably made a mistake bringing you, but it sounded like she really liked you and was impulsive enough to take the chance in bringing you to the family event. Also, maybe you need to look at yourself too. You could’ve played it in a number of ways. Yes, you were not in control, and perhaps you’re efforts to control fatigued you to the point that the real you emerged. I think the event was a gift and has provided an opportunity to do some self-work. It might answer your dating challenges. Best wishes on your journey- self awareness is powerful.

  8. The markets: Worst performance year on record so far for a combined stock and bond portfolio going back to 1970s using Bloomberg data. Sharpest interest rate hiking cycle in fifty years. Fastest and strongest increase in the U. S. Dollar on a trade-weighted index basis. Wild price swings in commodities including oil. 40 year high inflation.

  9. These negative comments are totally pathetic and appear to be the result of immature and cynical individuals with no sense of service to others.

  10. It was good the US left. The tragedy was the occupation itself - so much potential squandered due to the short-sighted nature of the Bush administration. Starting with the counterproductive embrace of torture and followed by the empowerment of corrupt warlords whose rule helped spur the Taliban in the first place.

  11. Biden’s strategy and execution in Afghanistan was a travesty and a complete failure, no matter who or what you wish to blame on previous administrations.

  12. I can’t forgive him nor his “team” for the Afghanistan and Southern Border debacles. Ukraine is another stain on this administration’s record. The economy, well that’s on his administration too.

  13. Awesome film, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched it and will continue to replay it. I have it saved.

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