1. I'm confused on this... Did CPS let her know that she was reported because of her post? Or maybe she got a visit and she assumed that is why? Seems sus

  2. CPS can’t confirm or deny reporters, no protective service can. They can at times state the general cause of investigation (abuse/neglect etc). As a PS worker it never ceases to amaze me when I’d pull up to someone’s home in chaos, police/fire/EMS/caregiving services etc involved, and the person would look at me dead serious and say “protective?! Who reported me?!?” gestures to everything

  3. What's wild is that you absolutely get to know who reported you in Sweden if the child protective service know. And that's why it's mostly the principal doing the reporting for the teachers...

  4. That’s so scary but I guess everyone in Sweden doesn’t have a gun so retaliation isn’t a huge concern

  5. She’s clearly never had a job that requires you to be on your feet all day. After years of retail and food service having a desk is amazing as long as I can get up and move around a bit throughout the day, I’d love a standing desk option.

  6. Yes exactly they must do laundry constantly that’s what I struggle with. If you have 33 pieces of clothing they must be in the wash constantly. Especially Workout clothes/Pjs you get 1-2 wears out of.

  7. 33 pieces of clothing includes seasonal clothes or not? I can't see myself doing that for four seasons

  8. Right?! Work outfits maybe but even still when the temperate ranges from -10 to 110 throughout the year it can be hard to not accumulate a lot

  9. Lol I laugh because I’ve literally been on one laptop for my actually job and another for my “side hustle”, if I don’t laugh I cry 😢

  10. Population decline is a real issue even if you don’t support traditional capitalist reasons.

  11. Thank you for making this point, we seem to ignore that most first world countries are depopulating and most of the growth is in the 3rd world. I don’t really understand people that are vehemently against having children, society needs to continue and there is already a massive shortage of workers for the elderly now, which is only going to increase

  12. “They dye it green one day why can’t they die it blue all the other days ?!?” - random cop in the fugitive

  13. I was just discussing this to someone else. Can we stop blaming every person that ends up with an antibiotic for a sinus infection (me!) for antibiotic resistant while we are pumping it into out livestock. The global effort on this is so misguided when every study shows the biggest factors are livestock and over use of broad spectrum antibiotics in hospitals

  14. Maybe instead of making and selling tchotchkes we could have people working on problems that serve the collective good, like health care, mental health, cleaning the planet, picking up trash, etc

  15. Yeah but then those jobs pay garbage, I used to be a Social worker, now I work for a Bank corporation. If only society would invest in its people

  16. I’m seeing a lot of OCD comments but part of me wonders if it’s really “their” house as she refers to him as boyfriend (no shade I bought a house with my BF) It sounds like it was his place and now she’s living there with a messy baby and he hates it. Doesn’t excuse the abuse but it’s where my brain went hearing this story.

  17. This is happening to me now. He's on his third affair and I'm done. Filed for divorce. I'm taking half of everything, and that's a lot. I don't think he realizes yet how much he's going to lose.

  18. 3rd affair?! And he’s still alive? Girl your a better person than me.

  19. I’m shocked at the downvotes here, I don’t think your wrong at all. I would try to communicate with her what your feeling, she may think she’s doing you a favor staying away. But your feelings are valid.

  20. I guess you might have missed where I wrote that I was in agreement with you on this? Crowmami is definitely wrong here and being awful about it but I wasn't commenting on that.

  21. Crowmani clearly has an ED, she is basically spreading pro Ana stuff. I don’t think it’s cruel or invasive to point that out. How is it insensitive? She’s the one saying how everyone should be aggressively losing weight without revealing the important info that she has an ED herself, I get it, I had one too. But her ED is relevant info to this conversation

  22. I think it's insensitive to weaponizing someone's mental health to win an online argument on principle.

  23. Well alright for you then. I think it is, going around saying how much you can’t stand fat people or people that are even a few pounds overweight when you yourself have an ED is a very different context. She’s clearly unhinged

  24. This is why as a former social worker I internally roll my eyes when I hear all these tales of woe of DCF ripping away peoples kids out of spite. Yes there are unethical DCF cases but every person that says that leaves out some important detail like they were strung out on heroin or in prison or shot their baby daddy. Like yeah alright DCF is the bad guy in this story too right? bet the kid was in the car too when she did that

  25. Your relationship with your parents is different in what way? If you don’t mind me asking!

  26. This right here! And when there are multiple children there seems to be more overall relaxed attitude even with the older ones. I’d always fee like my aunts and uncles were more professional parents if that makes sense, even with the older kids they seem more invested in things like drivers licenses/college apps etc because they will be doing it multiple times. Meanwhile my parents would act very overwhelmed at these things and not help at all

  27. It’s definitely administered very frequently, but the study is just suggesting that it increases the risk of PPD, not causes it alone or is resulting in PPD every time. I’m sure lots of people have used pitocin and done fine, it just seemed like an easy thing I was able to do try to avoid it this round, that’s all.

  28. I wonder why Pitocin would increase PPD when it’s just synthetic oxytocin. Are there countries that don’t regular use Pitocin? I wonder what their PPD rates are. I’d still take it though a PP hemorrhage is nothing to play with

  29. My hospital just provided extra monitoring for those who opt out, so it was fine. There is so much less support for American women after birth from mental health to maternity leave that I’m sure they would impact our PPD rates more than anything.

  30. Right like sure pitocin could be a factor but I’d say 6 weeks unpaid leave would be a big issue as well. Plus in America hospital kick you out in a day with one f/u in 6 weeks so I feel like our system has to be so intervention heavy, watch and wait is never an option. If someone was staying in the hospital for a few days then having follow ups extra monitoring would be great, but here it’s like nah take the drugs and go

  31. I'm sure you would! And their weird disagreement about how often they use lube was bizarre. But I am a lesbian with a thriving sex life, and I go through a full size bottle of silicone lube per month with my spouse! Nothing wrong with using lube, and lots of it!!

  32. Yeah I took a hormonal supplement for endometriosis which helped but has caused vaginal dryness (boo!) but we just use tons of lube instead. My husband is normal and doesn’t care if we use lube

  33. Yes my husband and I aren’t religious at all but met fairly young and have only had sex with each other. It’s doesn’t seem to be an issue we have a great sex life but we actually like each other soo…

  34. I’m a solid 10/12 and my towel fits fine… Though I should probably measure myself I shop in juniors sometimes and I think it’s thrown me off a bit

  35. Cloth diapers does not cause UTIs. She was right to switch her paediatricians. So many people are judgemental about cloth diapering and will blame it for everything first and not even look into the actual issue.

  36. Other commenters have said that sometimes during uti and other similar treatments they are instructed to switch to disposable for a few days, I wonder if that’s what was said.

  37. I’m on Clonazepam daily with great reassurance from prenatal psych and MFM. There’s new research and it’s really reassuring. My doctors encouraged it.

  38. Wow clonazepam daily? I need to do more research. I take Xanax PRN for panic attacks and I feel so guilty about still doing it while trying to get pregnant. I’ve tried everything to try and beat this panic disorder

  39. If I recall they lived in the south so winter at least wasn’t an issue

  40. As someone that was born about the same weight (4.4) my mother described the literal TEAM of people that were there to resuscitate me before I spent almost a month in the NICU. In fact for a NICU preemie I was on the large side and only had the “basic” preemie issues of a brain bleed, collapsed lung, jaundice and heart murmur. So I’m a little skeptical that everything is going so swell and it’s no big deal like she’s making it sound

  41. I was put on 5mg of Aygestin at first and everything was a mess for two full months (insomnia, constipation, anger, nausea). Doc didn't have much to suggest other than more meds to mitigate the side effects.

  42. I usually take it in the morning with food. It didn’t mention diarrhea on the list of side effects just nausea and vomiting and 75 other things

  43. Hmmm - maybe call your doc? Maybe they'll have something more helpful that just "eh wait it out and let your body adjust"

  44. Yeah it’s hard because I started on my period so I do kind of want to wait a bit and see if it evens out but it’s strange

  45. I don't know how I never thought about doing this before this month! Everything else about my period is totally manageable when I'm not feeling like I can't eat for 4 days.

  46. It’s funny I discovered kaopectate when I had a stomach virus, my cousin recommended immodium (she’s a nurse) but I had Bought this accidentally and it helped me so much. I never took pepto bismal because I hate anything liquid 🤣

  47. Imodium is weird it hits the opioid receptors somehow, so if you’re going to use some thing regularly you definitely made the right choice.

  48. Omg I didn’t know that! I used it once and it made me feel so weird and I couldn’t figure out why, that makes total sense! Pepto bismal is like a bismuth something it’s a naturally occurring chemical from what I googled lol

  49. I’ve read that a lot of people try low fodmap. Love garlic and mushrooms though 😪

  50. Yeah if you do the full elimination diet you might be surprised what’s bothering you, I still eat garlic but the gluten group was my issue. Not sure where mushrooms fall I don’t eat them frequently

  51. Ah fair enough. I’m vegan, so quite a few foods are high fodmap on the list. I’ve tried gluten free in the past but it didn’t make a big enough difference to eat miserably, if you know what I mean.

  52. Oh totally, vegan diets can be so tricky with these things because on one hand your eating healthy (fruits/vegetables) but on the other you can be limited in ways

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