1. At very least it’s giving dumbasses another place to congregate in a wind tunnel of yes men while spreading their own opinions

  2. I didn’t know that Siracha peas were a thing! That’s so cool!

  3. It’s my preference tbh. I’d give it a try if you’re unsure how you feel about it! Earth Balance is the best brand imo

  4. Thanks for that suggestion! It’s just made me realize that I can use tortillas as any other kind of bread lmao

  5. Bro anyone trying to make you do this is proudly waiving a red flag 🚩 run.

  6. Not really! Discovering your ace takes time and what happened, happened there’s no use to have a divide over something like virginity :)

  7. A couple of days ago - my sims are off Alien descent so the aliens like checking up on them I guess

  8. Maybe trying to mix up your recipes or seasonings? Even if you just used a basic seasoning like garlic it could completely change the game for you

  9. I play on normal life span, I use lots of occults, and I generally don’t have my heir have babies until their an adult so that I can be more focused on the career in YA the family in adult (also helps me from being bored with the sims because when one’s about to die, another ages up to YA)

  10. So I’m newish to sims (been playing for years and just now getting really into it) can someone explain cc to me? I know it is custom content, is it different than mods? I’ve used nexus mods for sims, but just wondering on the terminology I guess lol

  11. CC is usually stuff that affects CAS, like custom hairs, skins, and eyes!

  12. Adding in occult stuff! BTW out be a good idea to random number generate how many kids your aiming for (that’s what I do to keep it simple)

  13. Have a proper in game wedding. I just can’t really figure it out so ask of my sims just Elope, it’s a family tradition now.

  14. I've done a wedding once, it seemed much more trouble than it was worth tbh. I went back to eloping.

  15. That’s pretty much what happened to me, oof I recall correctly the wedding was a failure too lmao

  16. The bedrooms are big! Also it might be hard to center a double bed in the bedrooms without cheats

  17. I was just planning on using free-placement/the alt key to center them. They're as large as they are so I can fit desks, wardrobes, and hobby stuff. Genuine thanks for the warning though, I'd definitely have to do something about the asymmetry if the game was like The Sims 2 and everything was stuck on a grid.

  18. Yeah! Especially since my latest elders were starting to get mean (unprompted) randomly and we’re pretty much enemies by the time they died

  19. For quite some time I moved people in and out of the Thebe Estate. Once I lost track of the original main bloodline after divorces and remarriages I just left it in the families hands. This was probably about 6-7 generations.

  20. Wow! I couldn’t do that! My sims have moved 3 or 4 times and there only 5 gens in!

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