1. Thank you for this boost, the other couch I was considering (Odette) went out of stock while I was mulling this over, I've seen the Odette before but never seen this one before and it's discounted so I decided to take your advice and just order. Thanks a bunch!

  2. *photo taken in USA 2022 before religious extremists rose to power.

  3. But u can actually eat regular food and not have to brace yourself swallowing what feels like sandpaper when u do it? Cause I’m day 8 here and still got that. I can eat food but damn it’s slow going and certain things hurt bad still.

  4. Day 5-8 were the worst! Day 9+ started feeling great and things got better daily. You’re almost there!

  5. Yeah bud! Find something remote with a Bay Area company, your salary will double

  6. Been eating mainly apple sauce and yogurt. Tried some soup but it was so painful I only had a little.

  7. I was trying to minimize the medicine but upped my dosage to normal & finally it was bearable

  8. I would suggest soft side. Idk why but just can’t get used to the other

  9. Day 5 for me. The morning was pretty awful, otherwise days been pretty good. The worst part for me is I can’t sleep…waking up every 2-3 hours.

  10. Starting on the day of surgery? Or when it becomes painful?

  11. Day of surgery, just keep the schedule. I’m on day 5.. hydrocodone I mostly saved for night time but liquid acetaminophen & ibuprofen I been taking per docs recommendation. Mostly been on a ice water, coconut water & chicken broth diet.

  12. I only lost 5lbs I would eat blended oats cooked over the stove to make a thin consistency then ate it when it cooled down. Then I would have a protein shake for lunch/ dinner. Try to get calories in it’ll make your experience so much better.

  13. Day 1 here: listening to the advice on here, just forcing down water, wish i would’ve found this group pre-op (although I may have decided to not do it after reading the comments lol) but coco water aloe water & chicken broth on my list today. Bearing thru most of the pain and taking ibuprofin/Tylenol. Saving the good stuff for night time

  14. Guys, day 10 here, it really gets better! Hang on, you are more than half way there.... Imagine, I was crying every few hours 3-4 days ago, today i ate pizza! You can do it ❤️

  15. Had mine removed yesterday, the procedure your in & out. Day one is getting used the weird feeling in my mouth, bad breadth, taste of blood. Sleeping was tough work up every 2-3 hours coughing up some blood but I don’t think it’s that serious. Have no appetite to eat, mainly been forcing down water & had pedialyte but others recommended coco, or aloe water going to try that today and chicken broth at least to get some nutrients.

  16. Yayyy day one buddy idk abt pedialyte but def try aloe water scientifically proven to promote healing and be soothing (hence why u put it on sunburns lol)

  17. What are the scenarios where you want a jet hovering like that?

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