1. There are state regulations on particular TYPES of swag but not all types. I was told it could not be a wearable item like a shirt or hat and all of it has to be approved by somebody at the state level before it can be distributed.

  2. Galenas operates in Michigan AND Ohio. They likely skirt the wearable regulation by saying it is produced for Michigan.

  3. The dispensary chooses what product it gets in its inventory. When they recalled the blueberry cookies that I got for “foreign matter possible plastic” detroit and madison rise stopped ordering stock from galenas till they fixed whatever happened. Eventually got more in stock so it’s just probably the locations that your watching at just stopped ordering galenas or it could be everybody else is ordering it before they can get to it and it sells out and the dispo can’t get any. Hopefully this helps you ..

  4. That’s bc it’s not been sitting it almost looks crystallized wait a few days it should turn amber color that’s why I believe they are burning bc both that looked cloudy gold that I got one was a TCC and one was a layer cake both over heated and burned both were cloudy

  5. Most dispos have luster battery’s in stock you can buy separately

  6. This was at rise a week or so ago if you bought 1 galenas you got 10% 2 items 20% and 3 or more 30% off so I copped 1 bag the day before discount bc I didn’t know till I got there and I wanted to get a bag before it sold out and it was still there the next day so i went back copped 2 bags and a blueberry cookie bag and got 30% off

  7. No I just purchased a 2.83 and went back for 2 more after it sent me into the nether realm. And I got them at rise detroit they also had it at rise madison I believe cleveland and lorain had the tenth bags as well I’d pick it up if I were you they said it’s a “limited run that might not hit shelves again”

  8. I heard it was a limited one time run, I'm pouting. The Biker Kush gave me the cerebral high I've been looking for, sometimes hard to find when you smoke as much as I do for as long as I have. I'm hoping my sources are wrong. 😫

  9. Source herd right but they also said that’s no moon was too and it might never come back cop while you can and I seen it back twice

  10. In my personal experience, I never had any issues in the year i’ve been using them up until my last 2 live resin luster purchases. One burnt up 1/3 way through the oil, and the other burnt up right after the second draw. I’m personally switching back to CO2 extracted 510s

  11. We’re these both from BE? I’ve purchased the TCC it burned about half way thru the pod same with the layer cake and I purchased 2 layer cakes at the same time and the pods looked cloudy kinda I’m pretty sure they weren’t like decarbed all the way bc I waited and the second one kinda turned all the way clear amber color and I’m over half way and it’s not burned so I’m wondering if they pushed em out to fast and didn’t let the oil sit fully to decarb in the pod itself I could be wrong on the definition but I’m pretty sure it’s decarb also pretty high atm🤣

  12. Toad smells like Banana and taste like Grape Bubble Gum to me.

  13. Midwest toad genetics are I believe banana og x purple punch don’t quote me on that tho…

  14. Banana og, thats the cross strain in Tally Mon , which I enjoy. Might have to try this

  15. If you can find it biker kush galenas indican dom hybrid super nice

  16. That robots plant Also produces mainly larger buds just like this I remember getting one batch and it was basically the one nug enjoy that vaping on biker kush from galenas as we speak cheers🤘🏽🤙🏽

  17. It’s not even like tolerance if these people are taking 500 mg and it’s doing nothing then it’s like your liver dosnt break the thc down the right way and you don’t really get high so some people who don’t feel shit just waiting their money bc they’re body won’t metabolize it right

  18. They’ve been trying like hell to sell that strain and haven’t had a lot of luck until the price was so low that it was a steal. I haven’t personally tried it yet but based on what I just said it sounds suspicious maybe it’s not that good

  19. I can put my experience here I did try it awhile ago and the batch I had wasn’t the greatest it’s not terrible but not even close to most stuff out here

  20. Why are the terps so low compared the LR Klutch pods?

  21. This has 5 and a half % total terpenes it’s relatively close…

  22. No so limonene is short you usually see just limonene but it can also be stated as d-limonene but the full name is delta limonene. No delta 8

  23. I can’t even get gorilla 🦍 nut with money in my hand in the largest market in Ohio…. It just has to be the bomb 💣

  24. Oh it’s so good no bias shit but it just hits on all the right levels

  25. Yeah. Just found some tenths of it. Only 50 bucks plus tax. They need to call galenas the “dankruptcy brand”. Cause if I vaped it on the reg ide be dankrupt!

  26. Well it’s also partially the dispos fault a 10th of the gorilla was like 44$ before tax I feel like the dispensary’s in certain areas upcharge more bc they set there price on top on the price they pay galenas for it so it’s not entirely galenas fault still partially tho bc there is the quality of soil and being certified kind also plays a part but all in all the dispo raises the price higher in the end

  27. Why does all of Galenas look like mids?

  28. Check out my post on their gorilla nut I posted some pictures it’s far from mid brotha but this on the other hand don’t look that great…

  29. It’s the pods itself they probably used the same pods as their co2 and it’s resulting in burning the terpenes if you hit it for too long or don’t wait till the coil wicks I had 2 klutch live resins and none of em did this even with some longer pulls then others. and I had got the one tcc and it did this…

  30. It's all good. I was just joking back, being sarcastic. I didn't take what you said personally, really. No hard feelings from me 👍

  31. This is the first I’ve seen two people actually not get butthurt over tAlking 🤣cheers to yall

  32. 100% wrong. Cresco is 100% live resin, the Supply brand, however, is distillate

  33. I also had to explain this to another kid on a different post…

  34. You can tell their knowledge based on their comment… “distillate live resin”. Lol

  35. I bet this is live resin distillate like their pals Cresco.

  36. Cresco makes 100% live resin they come in boxes the supply brand is an cresco owned brand that produces distillate with live resin terpenes added those come in bags. as does BR I’ve had a BR distillate cart with live resin terps and a BR cart with 100% live resin they are now labeled differently from people complaining but I believe they come in the same red bag so just have the bud tender show you the lable if you’re getting a BR live resin even if it’s labeled on the menu live resin it might just be the distillate with live terps. Hope this helps with you’re comment.

  37. Can confirm just picked this up at strawberry fields in Columbus it’s pretty fire, I’m going to be trying all of the new live resin pods by Klutch

  38. Yeah I want to try the plain ICC apparently that and the jealousy ones are the best of the drop

  39. I second this havnt tried the la by meigs but I tried it from Woodward along with these other two you suggested and they are on point

  40. No clue about the ocl I’ve seen posts about their flower being old all the time so I don’t cop it Every single artifact jar I’ve gotten from galenas buds were sticky this gorilla nut I could stick to the wall if I wanted to also the lime sherbet dosidos x gelato smalls and Willies koko were all nice too the Willies and dosi x gelato were in the medium moisture range and the lime was in the higher range I’ve had dry buds in Ohio but recently my favorite cultivators I’ve gotten from recently were all great on the other had klutch is hit or miss on the moisture. Should check out the artifact jars they never miss on the moisture I squeezed the bud and spiderwebs were between my fingers and the bud when I unsqueezed it’s crazy

  41. Dang.. that looks fire. I just grabbed a 1/2 some bighead. Its pretty fire.. just still a little bummed at how small the buds are. That shit looks nice though.. how strong is it?

  42. Madison’s labels all ripped on me today, 0/5, I usually can remove without problem but today it didn’t even want to attempt to peel cleanly

  43. In you’re own home unfortunately. But I mean unless you are very secluded and won’t get caught not giving and ideas or anything but if you catch my drift… but no not legally😏

  44. im picking up what your putting down. So i can still catch a minor possession then taking it with my to my friends house or what ever then. uhh

  45. If you get caught with product some might be cool if you say your a med patient but mostly if it’s unsealed and in your car and they find out your a med patient I’m pretty sure you can get your card taken not 100% but I know there laws that state you have to have the medicine sealed in bag with receipt in the bag and it’s suppose to be in the glove box or middle compartment hope this helps just be careful you should be ok

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