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  1. There is a job in WW that has a lot of openings but less applicants. Does this mean I am guaranteed to get the job if the number of applicants stays less than the number of openings?

  2. Any clubs/place on campus, streaming the Ind vs Pak game tomorrow?

  3. I would like to watch it too. If you are down we can meet up and stream it I guess

  4. It’s simple. Below conditions = withdraw enrollement. Above conditions = enrolled

  5. It depends on some programs. For example, if ur applying to Waterloo engineering or Mac health sci then they do care about the rankings.

  6. this is false. mac hs or Waterloo does not care. I have a friend who ranked mac at #6 behind all the CS programs (bc he wanted to do CS) and he still made it cuz of his supp app. Also, Waterloo does not care either. The only school who have publicly say they care is UofT

  7. They are all wrong. It’s the final marks that DO matter for entrance scholarships, not midterms. They got it mixed up. Secondly, from midterms to finals, you’ll still have time to raise your avg to the scholarship requirements as long as you work hard and study. What they said was bs

  8. some schools are different. Waterloo only looks at midterm grades for entrance scholarships

  9. CE - 95 average at time of admission (April early request round)

  10. Do you think this same level of competition will carry over to next year?

  11. Students in grade 11 in my school are taking grade 12 courses to avoid exams next year. So yes, I think grade inflation will still exist

  12. Why would u apply to BME with the intention of switching to CE?

  13. Go to UW bro….u still get some time off between terms and imposter syndrome is common for everyone so don’t think u ain’t good enough. I also made CE at UW this year but got rejected from every other program (even ones that require worse grades) and I too feel like I got very lucky but I guess u just gotta take the best opportunities thrown ur way. And u don’t wanna be living life with regrets sooooo

  14. York's co-op is a little better but they are the same in terms of learning

  15. UTM is def the best but it’s very risky. If u don’t wanna take the risk (completely understandable) go to ryerson

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