1. Sorry it says it's been banned? Any ideas

  2. It summons two people to watch you

  3. Turkey, the country, I eat a handful of dirt from there every year

  4. Where can I find this video? Not the lip synced one but the original

  5. Same thing happened to me lmao

  6. Also forgot to say, using petg at 240, bed at 70, and Ender 3v2

  7. Just started recently? No settings changes lately? Probably wet filament

  8. Actually i had my computer reset and had to redo retraction settings so they might be a little different, I'll dry my filament though thanks 🙏

  9. Ya but on the global release times it says releasing august 12th 11am est or et and that's the time zone I'm in

  10. Eh that's just steam, don't worry about it that happens with other games too.

  11. Avengers: the first one with Loki and the Chitari and stuff also thanos makes a cameo

  12. Just show up in the park at Monday anyways

  13. its not really one leveled spell per turn since if you multiclass into fighter and get action surge you could for example cast two fireballs in one turn.

  14. Wait so if I cast a normal action levelled spell first, could I cast a bonus action levelled spell? Or still no

  15. nope the order doesnt matter. if you cast an action spell you can not cast a bonus action spell.

  16. I see the Reddit man because my wifi is shit

  17. Does this happen in anything other than War Thunder

  18. Yes but only on high quality games

  19. Like this wouldn't happen on lower graphic games like minecraft or smtg that's what I meant

  20. I fixed it! Found some weird fix in the steam discussion page

  21. Do you have an anti virus? Typically whenever I get a problem like that it’s cuz my one is stopping it. F secure is really bad for supporting VR games.

  22. Pretty sure the only antivirus I have is the default windows one, just like the firewall and stuff(if that even is any virus software) But I allowed the ffh game through the firewall so idk

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