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Researchers in China have carried out a head transplant on a monkey. They connected up the blood supply between the head and the new body, but did not attempt to connect the spinal cord. The monkey fully survived the procedure without any neurological injury. it was kept alive for only 20 hours..

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  1. Certainly feels that way to me hypnotised irrational consumers. The elites are literally rubbing it in everyone’s face with the names. RAT tests… Omricon - moronic… yes that is what they are openly calling the delusional that line up for hours in order to receive their RAT test.

  2. Professional sports are rigged. If you can legally bet on it, outcomes are not organic. They are the modern gladiators. The gematria guy does a lot of interesting work in this stuff. It's rituals all the way down.

  3. Listen to more hip-hop but don't you dare use the n word

  4. Freud was a disgusting man in all ways

  5. Honestly, criticise his opinions however much you want, but it really shouldn't have anything to do with his looks.

  6. Perhaps if he had brushed his hair for the interview people would notice less?

  7. Movies that do horribly at the box office are a great way to launder money so we'll continue to get this propaganda most of us do not want.

  8. Someone should press some iron against that one's forehead, she'll transform then shrivel out of existence

  9. Yeah but leftists are typically atheists, their only 'god' is consumerism. Right or wrong atheism to them is seen as the counter to traditionalism, which to them means Christianity.

  10. When did y'all become a 'leftie dog whistle'? I've seen this mentioned 3x in the past hour. I've been y'all-ing for 30 years and never knew this connotation existed until today. Has my whole life been a lie?

  11. WHAT on Earth is going on with her leg? The one farther from the viewer? Where is the rest of her thigh? Her knee? How is she standing? Her hips are angled forward completely, but that other foot is pointing to the side…

  12. She has drop foot so tends to drag it behind her a bit

  13. Exactly! It's kinda ironic how feminists are pushing this without even realizing that they're dehumanizing women

  14. I can't fathom not grasping that though. I suppose most people are a lot dumber than I previously believed.

  15. Evil dude propped up by evil institutions. NYU and Columbia University should be ashamed

  16. Next phase: monkey head on human body.

  17. One day someone is going to light that shit on fire and we'll see it from space

  18. It's shit and water now. Soon it'll be fire too.

  19. She's not very good at her job and that's a good thing.

  20. They're quoting the Atlantic, owned by that pedo lady who was pictured with ghislaine

  21. Her name is Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of Apple's Steve Jobs. She acquired ownership in 2017.

  22. I went to my uncle's for Thanksgiving dinner and everyone that attended took rapid tests in the driveway before we were allowed in his house. He was nice enough to provide all the tests at his own expense and take one himself with each person as they arrived in fifteen minute intervals. Once in the foyer we were given suits that looked just like those above by his 8yo son. Bless his little vaxxed heart.

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