1. You're fine. It's just a mistake. Don't worry about it.

  2. Being able to imagine a better life but being powerless to make that life happen is probably the most frustrating thing about being a human being.

  3. Start small. Get a friend. Walk to a new place very, very close to your home. Then walk home. Keep doing this until you get more comfortable then start building on this experience. If you start small and work your way up, you can give yourself time to get use to going to new places. It's a bit like exercising. You start by going on walks. Then short jogs. Then short runs. Then long runs. The process can take time but starting small and working your way up is the way to overcome most things.

  4. Realtors are more common than pigeons. If you're not comfortable with this one for whatever reason, find someone else.

  5. People drop out of grad programs all the time for any number of reasons. Just be honest with your advisor and they won't hold it against you. Should get this process going as soon as possible if you're sure you want to be done. Best of luck to you.

  6. Honesty works. Say something like, "Hey, sorry for the delayed response. When I replied to your earlier question my answer was so damn awkward that I wasn't sure how to continue our conversation. But, I think I'm over my earlier embarrassment and I'm ready to embarrass myself in new ways!"

  7. Call a few lawyers in your state and see what they say.

  8. If it's an allergy, have you tried giving them Benadryl in a piece of cheese or something?

  9. If it were me, I'd file this away as the funny story where a geriatric person wanted to throw hands. I'd use this story to delight other people around me who are also drunk or high. I think if you try and escalate this situation to find some sort of justice it will only end up blowing up in your face.

  10. They said it once and they'll probably say it again. I'd leave it alone for now. Best case scenario, kid learns their lesson and never says it again. Or, they'll say it again and hopefully get caught. But, trying to prove this without evidence isn't going to be productive.

  11. Shit I could wander down to Microcenter and that 1000 would be gone pretty quick. Honestly, it's not enough money to really have some fun at Microcenter.

  12. They were a CEO. I spent hours trying to explain the difference between a windows laptop and a Chromebook. Each time they'd walk away seeming to understand what I was saying only to come back later and tell me that getting Chromebooks would be just fine because they heard it from someone else at which point I had to explain again it wouldn't work. Quit that job without them ever truly understanding. Last I heard they have 500 Chromebooks they can't use.

  13. Do Hot Cross Buns on a recorder. Bet if you look around you can find a free one or at least one that's only a few bucks. But, you have to make a big deal out of your performance. Rent a tux.

  14. Back on PS2 there was this game based on Robotech/Macross that had some ridiculous escort missions. Never beat that game.

  15. I've been told learning to ski is much easier. As someone who tried and failed to learn how to snowboard in college, I would recommend trying skiing first.

  16. Thank you! That’s what I’ve heard too. I’m still up in the air.

  17. Up in the air is where I ended up when I tried snowboarding. Hit my head. Blacked out. Did it all to impress a girl. Didn't work.

  18. Collect bottle caps just like in the simulations.

  19. Might fuck around and get a cyborg dog like fallout has taught me

  20. Get enough bottle caps and you can certainly have yourself a cyborg dog.

  21. Here's a link to a solar system simulator created by the University of Colorado

  22. I just wanted to update you and say I took your advice. Reading from what I wrote here was a great structure for introducing the story and issue to the class. It ended up not feeling as heavy as I expected it to. Everyone was just like “cool” and focused on the more technical aspects of the writing (which is pretty usual for this class). But I did feel like it cracked a door open for me and maybe for everyone to acknowledge race a little more frankly but still safely in class. A huge step for me, because I was actually avoiding the class out of not knowing how to deal with this. Your advice gave me a clear-headed way to structure it so I really thank you.

  23. If I could do it all again, I would have gone into a trade instead of college.

  24. Is the trash actually being recycled or is this app just encouraging me to sort my garbage only for someone to mix it all back together later?

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