This note left on my car

Hope to make it to the other side.

That was fun, but I'm glad to be back

I'm catching the vibration

Sometimes you just got to dance with the doots.

The only thing I found while metal detecting in rural Australia last week

When laughter meets percussion

Let's sip to good health and good company

Staring into the abyss and it's staring right back

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  1. The ideal thing is to just befriend her without any hopes of it becoming a relationship. A lot of relationships develop from a friendship where at some point there appeared sparks.

  2. CNN teď vlastní miliardář John C. Malone s vazbami na Trumpa a náramnou chutí zasahovat do toho, co se bude vysílat. A už předtím to byl málo důvěryhodný polobulvár.

  3. No ale dosud tam neměli pořady, kde by nějakej nasranej Tucker Carlson v jednom kuse lhal o covidu, migramtech, a já nevím čem. Teda on samozřejmě nelže, on jenom pokládá sugestivní otázky a nechává za sebe lhát hosty.

  4. To není CNN. To je "CNN Prima News" - taková zpravodajská žumpa pro důchodce, netřeba jim věnovat pozornost.

  5. CNN tomu dává vlastní značku, takže se pod to podepisuje. Btw fakt nechápu, jak se to tý primě povedlo. Mně přijde kvalitou a biasem jako taková česká Fox news.

  6. all factories should extend perpendicular to the bus so as to be easily expandable

  7. In the classic American fashion, half of us blame the note holder, half of us blame the overweight person, and no one blames the company that painted the lines just baaaaarely larger than a midsize car and set us all up to hate each other.

  8. These parking spaces are fine. It's just you Americans that for some reason need to have a 2 tonne car that takes 10 liters per 100 km.

  9. Jiste, ale praxe je jina. Pokud neni snadna nahrada, tak se ti proste nechce delat dusno v praci "jen kvuli volbam" a radsi k nim spousta lidi nepujde :) Zvlast kdyz makas nekde ve vyrobe, jako obsluha atp.

  10. Jaký dusno? Zrovna volební právo snad každej respektuje, ne?

  11. Respektuje. Ale potom se ti může stávat že zrovna tebe náhodou bude vedoucí dávat na horší práce častěji, shodou okolností tě bude častěji kontrolovat, nebude ti odpouštět chyby které jsou opomíjeny běžně u jiných pracovníků. Ale když se ho zeptáš, je to prostě jen náhoda že to padlo zrovna na tebe.

  12. I really only keep it so my daughter can use it up in school. When they nix that, I'm likely done. I just hope that the last season of Better Call Saul drops before that, because I'd really like to finish that show.

  13. Last season of Better Call Saul? It's been several months now.

  14. I don't have cable and it generally comes to Netflix a year later

  15. Interesting. I saw it in August or September on Netflix. But I don't have access to American cable (I'm Czech), so maybe that's why they were able to acquire it almost instantly for our market...

  16. David Attenborough… nature documentaries would never be the same :(

  17. IIRC he's working on a project with the BBC where they're sampling his voice to "deepfake" it after he passes.

  18. They got the metric system, they don't know what the fuck a quarter pound is

  19. Jokes aside, everyone (at least in my bubble in Czechia) knows that a pound is around half a kilo. But 125 g of meat is a small amount. So... I don't know why you'd admit it in the name. Royal just seems like a way better branding. Or they could call it "Cheeseburger XL" if we're being honest.

  20. Jak by Čína mohla dělat obchodní válku s Českem, když jsme v Schengenu? Pokud zavedou clo na český produkty, tak je bez cla vyvezeme do Německa a prodáme z Německa. Na ty lodě se stejně nenakládá v Česku. Oni nás nemají jak zacílit vůči ostatním zemím. Leda, že by poslali do prdele Home Credit. Za což bych jim zatleskal, upřímně.

  21. Představ si, že by tam třeba někdo prodával utajované informace. Teda neříkám, že se to neděje v Česku (Nejedlý). Ale každopádně je to big deal.

  22. Taky že to je kurva problém, že máme takovýho krtka v EU a v NATO.

  23. Nerad bych tady rozjížděl konspirační teorie, ale jaká náhodička, že to (údajně) přišlo od někoho, kdo je po smrti.

  24. You are asking for proof... of a religious belief? Okay. Yahweh specifically told me. Btw, he's super into little boys, just not you, specifically.

  25. I have no clue what it is. I've been carrying it in my pocket for three days so I can show it to my friends and family. None of them seem to know what it is either.

  26. It's probably a safety pin from a lock. Check out Lockpicking Lawyer on YouTube.

  27. I can see by the comments that this object is probably radioactive, but I’m not sure what it is. Anybody feel like spilling the beans?

  28. This is probably not the capsule though. Looks like a safety pin from a lock, honestly.

  29. The issue with immobilizers is only relevant because of the crime rates in the US, do you think this immobilizer issue is causing problems in Japan?

  30. It's literally causing problems worldwide. Sincerely, a Czech.

  31. Because insurance companies have the power to truly go after Kia for their negligence while consumers do not.

  32. Have you heard of a class action lawsuit? Remember Diesel Gate? Consumers got compensated by Volkswagen.

  33. He's just doing dumb shit in creative. That's no multi-tasking.

  34. Him and the Pearl girl makes me miss Lauren Southern and Nick content

  35. Lauren is on some conspirium (and, dare I say, some amount of fascium), but at least she isn't mentally handicapped like the redpill men. They're so dumb I can't even watch the videos. It's all the same retarded shit. I really wish Steven would just play factorio, like a let's play, without talking to these idiots.

  36. Then you can't complain when the business continues to deny service to certain people bc you choose to support them

  37. What? If a business has a monopoly in an area, you have no choice but to support that business.

  38. You have no choice? Is someone holding a gun to your head forcing you to go to the shop? Is there not a grocery store in town you can go to and buy cake mix? Are there no shops in the neighboring town?

  39. In a sense, but the difference is that it's a family business, while a hotel is a much larger operation.

  40. Transparency International: Romania still among EU’s worst performers in Corruption Perceptions Index

  41. Souhlas. Mimochodem je fajn vidět, jak u ní je to upřímnost a u Zemana chyba. Možná pomáhá fakt že Zeman je stařec a ona v porovnání dívka?

  42. Zeman leje úplně jinou ligu, teda. Nechvástal se tím, že každý den vypije X panáku slivovice? Ten by měl být na léčení, a ne v čele republiky.

  43. Zareagoval jako každej jinej aspoň trochu normální politik před ním. :shrug:

  44. Ani ne. Žádný politik před Andrejem a Milošem si nedovolil tvrdit něco o spiknutí všech médií. Samozřejmě, antagonie k novinářům tu dřív byla. Ale říct, že se proti němu spikla média...

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