1. oh so there’s like a monthly, cheap thing i can get to have my chance at a 5 star. yeah, i don’t mind doing something like that, just as long as prices don’t get outrageous. that’s good to hear.

  2. Yes, but it will not be enough to get every character. Far from it.

  3. i don’t really care about getting everyone as long as i can score a few 5 stars. i’m aware 5 stars aren’t necessary, but i just wanna get some.

  4. But those are not trying to mix in some logical stuff like HL explaining he could not lift the plane with nothing to push off off

  5. That’s a dumb question. It’s a world of superpowered people nothing has to be 100% logical.

  6. Yet they tried to mix some weird logic into it when HL stated he could not lift the plane with nothing to push off off

  7. Homelander can sense you from miles away and recognises your smell and shit but he seems like a normal dude with extra strength when he fights.

  8. Comparing to the fight between A-Train and Kimiko in S1, it just seems they cut down the budget for environmental destruction during supe fights by a lot.

  9. I am a low spender, BP and Wellkin only, playing since month 1 and I am AR60 by now.

  10. wow that's super impressive. what happens if you get all of your characters to lvl 90, 8/8/8 talents, good artifacts, etc? do you just stop playing until a new update comes?

  11. So far that has never happened. I probably won't roll until the dendro archon is realeased, but until then I have 7 characters still to go (plus traveller)

  12. question, do you ever just do some fun stuff with your characters? like not grinding domains, bosses, or anything, just doing some world quests and messing around, experimenting with abilities, etc? or is it more like all work all the time? Also just curious, what's your exploration progress so far?

  13. Obviously I do all events when they happen.

  14. Is anyone so fucking delusional that they don’t think Superman would clap Homelander’s cheeks in two seconds tops?

  15. Depends on whether we're comparing overall (aka including comics) or just their latest on screen incarnations.

  16. Doesn't Genshin Leaks say that Mary Sue won't be released before the 3.7 patch? I heard she'll be the first 6* and use a catalyst tied to a polearm that she fires from a bow ;)

  17. I am doing the same, except all the way to lvl 90.

  18. He's got sand in his eyes 😉

  19. For a second i felt hope 😞

  20. About enough to build 40 characters 😉

  21. How about me muting the music is just about every game I play?

  22. Most of Russian goods are not banned even now. As is most business in Russia or exports to Russia.

  23. Some months ago russian government legalised the "parallel import" thing aka smuggling. So, gaming consoles are also still imported unofficially. But I heard that it doesn't works well because it's hard to obtain, they are more expensive and russian civilians become more poor. Yeah, I understand why foreign companies don't want to make business in Russia because it will ruin their reputation and it's a possible thing for them to fight against russian regime during invasion.

  24. Most things don't even need to be smuggled. There's the official sanction list of the EU council and anything not on there can be legally in- and exported between Russia and the EU.

  25. Every single character gets leveled to 90 with a personal lvl 90 weapon, a personal set of lvl 20 artifacts and 8/8/8 talents.

  26. I dislike her for the same reason I fislike the children characters or the characters with random animal features

  27. Just look at his healing! He only heals until 70%

  28. App. 26 chars with everything maxed except talents at 8/8/8

  29. It's been awhile so it's possible I might be misremembering, but I want to say during the news and teasers leading up to the release of Inazuma we got some dev comment admitting that by that point in time players had grown tired of puzzles requiring a lot of character swapping for elements. As such, Inazuma had a lot of puzzles that did not rely on elemental pyres, and what few there were, were often mono-element. You could just smack the cubes with lights. Electorluses provided the "key" for many different kinds of puzzles. Watatsumi had those fish statues. The energy beam things had relays you collected. Etc.

  30. Nice to see the devs listening. The character changing is just to slow and clunky. All hail mono element puzzles

  31. I need the additional ressources. Also I don"t have every weapon C5 yet

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