1. I adopted one of my sons when he was twelve. I recognized how awkward he reacted whenever I asked him to give dad a hug. I made it a priority to hug him at least once a day. He needed to see that men showing affection is a normalized behavior.

  2. You should’ve given him a 5 ⭐️rating just for accepting your wishes lol

  3. I lived in Mississippi for some time. We had a time. I mean I never. Big, freaky, with an appetite.

  4. I’m from Mississippi…I can confirm this statement. Lol

  5. She ain’t wrong I prefer 5-6 never fails to make me moan and I be walking like a model the next morning


  7. Yeahhhhh….it’s just another day.

  8. This pretty much Georgia and how it functions. So no, we should not be surprised.

  9. Yall friends be telling yall this shit and you ignore it

  10. Right, could’ve saved a lot of money by just listening to the people around you advice.

  11. My dad would tell me I was too young to be his friend. I wonder if he considered me one before he passed. We were very similar in humor and other tastes. I might not have been his, but he was my best friend. 🤎

  12. I hate to call "Tragedy should make people better, not worse" a shit take... HOWEVER. While the pandemic highlighted the value of societal connections by isolating us all, it also highlighted essentially every crack in global capitalism. And it's hard to feel loving and grateful when the system is at best threatening to screw you over harder than ever and at worst actively exploiting you as an expendable resource while calling you 'essential'. I think, indeed, that a bit of societal unrest is pretty well-warranted.

  13. I’ve been saying this. He’s trying to hard to prove his gay status.

  14. Noise, like shut the hell up and sit down somewhere.

  15. Ahhh shiiiidddd….Never mind our friends, we couldn’t even spend the night at certain family members house. Mama didn’t play that.

  16. I am people….we appreciate your service. Lol


  18. It don’t matter how stoked we were bruh, it was wrong of them who were of age to take it there. No matter how much we enjoyed it.

  19. And here I was thinking, I must be a gem in the wild.

  20. I think most of us may have felt that way. Lol

  21. “Your honor they cappin, my client not even built like that. He ain’t got enough dog in him to have committed this crime” 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  22. We just gonna ignore Al Bundy was a shoe salesman living in an affluent Chicago suburb?? His neighbors were rich. His wife was a stay at home mom who dressed like a mafia wife. This motherfucker was moving weight fam.

  23. Perfect attendance is so overrated. Go get back in the bed kid.

  24. I have told my child this plenty of times, especially since most of his assignments are online now. Even back in the day my dad did this with me. Sometimes you both just need a day to recharge

  25. Somebody should’ve told my mom this when I was in school.

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