1. Honestlyvasking---what are the goals of the front office, exactly? The Illitch family seemingly doesn't wanna sell, but theyre trying to do things on the cheap.

  2. His goals are basically the same as those of the Detroit Lions. Pretend to care, but in actuality be totally apathetic to actually making the team better, and continually run the franchise like a business, refuse to spend actual money, Jack up prices on everything from parking to box office tickets, cutting corners on drafting, and signing, and hiring bums within the organization instead of guys who will actually make the team better. The Illitch family is basically turning into the Ford family, I.E the Tigers are basically turning into the Lions.

  3. Up for arbitration next year, Illitch will never do it

  4. this is a young team, they need a guy like Miggy around. Plus, he's still productive.

  5. I like watching the team win. Having fun is secondary to me.

  6. this is a young team, they need a guy like Miggy around. Plus, he's still productive. Are you paying attention ?

  7. Yes I have been paying attention. He is getting paid 30 something million dollars to have 0 power and have an OPS almost 50 points below league average. Since the all star break over his last 12 games he has played he has hit a pedestrian 507 OPS, and now it’s been announced that he has been having serious knee problems. I loved him when he was great, but at this point I would much rather he just retire at the end of this season than play another just so we can get the retirement tour over with.

  8. Considering he just ran another trade deadline . That tells me that there is a significantly higher probability that the sun will explode than Al Avila being fired within the next year.

  9. No wonder he doesn’t run to first base anymore. He’s like manny machado except manny machado just chooses not to run to first sometimes

  10. Avila isn’t in a nap. Like Wonderful owner Chris Illitch, he is in a full blown coma.

  11. Fulmer from when he came in should be be on a contending tigers team.

  12. Hell I don’t even watch the games anymore. That’s where I’m at with this season

  13. It makes no sense to have an elite bullpen on a team that will struggle to win 65 games this season. Get rid of guys who’s contracts are coming to a close, like Fulmer, or who don’t have much control left on their contract.

  14. Yeah it’s over cause it didn’t work at all lol

  15. It won't be a competitive offer, but we'll still accept it

  16. That seems like something this organization would do

  17. And another rebuild is coming after 7 years of nothing. This doesn’t feel Ike it’s just an Avila Illitch problem anymore. Sure we can fire Avila or promote him out of the GM spot (whatever), but let me repeat something I heard on 97.1 the ticket the other day. Did you know that since 2010, this franchise is ranked dead last in all of Major League Baseball for most win shares drafted? It’s becoming apparent now as the years go by, and the failures mount, that there is a large amount of losing culture that has metastasized to the heart of this organization and is killing the Tigers ability to develop any kind of talent in their farm system that they have drafted or traded for.

  18. The Tigers have slowly transformed into the Lions during the Millen Era, and it probably wont end until everyone in the system is fired. A poisoned system in the NFL can be fixed in just a few years because it’s a lot easier to find talent in the draft, a poisoned system in the MLB could be very difficult to cure and could take much longer.

  19. Also I don’t know if this is relevant but according to BR, he had an OPS of 754 playing 3B and an ops of closer to 850 probably if you factor in his 16 games and 47 plate appearances in left field where he had an OPS of over 1000 and his 2476 PA over 580 games where he played in right field. He was credited with 44 more errors at third base then in the outfield, my guess is that making bad plays in the field contributed to worse overall performance at the plate. Perhaps it had something to do with overall mood and confidence level with his fielding abilities? It’s possible that there is a correlation but I’m just speculating. And yeah a lot of people are saying that he does far better in hitters parks than pitchers parks but that doesn’t surprise me. Historically at Philly he has hit over 1000 ops

  20. To be honest, I couldn’t tell you. The thing I remember about him the most was how god awful he was in the field, both in the outfield and especially during the Castellanos at third base experiment. Loved his bat during his time on the team from 2016-2019 before he got traded to Cincinnati.

  21. This. He’s equal to or above Yordan in b and f WAR. How can the uniqueness and unprecedented nature of what he’s doing not be the tiebreaker? Unless Judge or Yordan hits 60 HRs, or someone wins the Triple Crown or something, that has to at least be a tiebreaker for a <0.5 WAR gap IMO.

  22. War is not a perfect stat, and even if you someone wanted to live and die on the hill of, “WAR should determine who is the MVP”right now Aaron Judge is not only leading the league in Offensive war, he is leading all of Major League Baseball in Homeruns, he’s leading the American League in RBI’s, he is 2nd in extra base hits in the American League, and he leads all of Major League Baseball in total bases accrued, and before you say “he’s playing in Yankee stadium with that ridiculous short porch so it isn’t fair”, remember that the baseball writers gave the MVP to Altuve in 2017 even though he was playing in a park with one of the shortest left field porches ever. Granted he was on the dreaded Trashstros team of 2017 and probably no doubt had his stats inflated by everyone else cheating around him, but still

  23. Historically, he is terrible, he may have some moments of being great, but a majority of the time he is terrible.

  24. Now watch us lose the next 4 games straight because unlike the Padres, the Bluejays actually have an offense.

  25. This is exactly why I want to see more of. Angry fans telling ownership what needs to happen right now

  26. This is 100% on hinch for running Soto out for a second inning.

  27. Yeah Soto is definitely not a multi inning closer in my book. No idea why he sent him back out there.

  28. 6 foot 7, 24 years old. Have never been on any date not even once. It’s quite sad really

  29. The only way I would do it is if he were to agree to an extension as well.

  30. With the Tigers? He wants to play for a team that is actually capable of doing things in the near future. He turned down 440 million because he knows the Nationals suck right now and doesn’t believe they will do anything anytime soon. An extension with the Tigers is out of the question for 2 reasons. Reason A) Chris Illitch is a cheap bastard who wouldn’t want to pay what Soto would ask for, and Reason B) Soto doesn’t want to play for another basement dwelling baseball team.

  31. My thoughts? There is an infinitely higher likelihood that the sun will explode tomorrow then Al Avila and Chris Illitch even attempting to trade for Juan Soto, and an even lower likelihood that they sign him because spoiler alert, I doubt Soto wants to play for another loser. That’s why Soto turned down 440 million, because he knows the current situation of the Nationals, and he wants to play for a winner and a team that is actually capable of do things in the near future I.e definitely not the Tigers.

  32. I swear to God I want to believe that some of these guys are just faking injuries because of the team is sucking so much. It’s not possible for this to happen to literally everyone.

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