1. Hey I don't know if you received a similar email but sb mgmt 1000 is working. The two options are from either Section C or D. I recommend enrolling all the other required ibba courses. I am in ibba as well and already attended the appointment. You aren't signaled out or called out for not enrolling before hand. Many people still didn't when asked in breakout rooms (among other schulich stduents)

  2. Hey! I did finish enrolling into my courses. The process to enroll is pretty straight-forward. You enroll using REM (this is usually accessible 3 days before your online appointment). But you can verify by opening up REM. It will tell you at what time/date you can access that. REM is the website you use to enroll in courses. So, just to be prepared, make sure you note down the catalogue numbers of the classes/courses you want to take/have to take. Also using the virtual schedule builder can help as you can visualize how each week of classes will look like.

  3. Don't worry at all about feeling left out if you have to commute. As mentioned by the previous replier, there is frosh week and orientation events you can attend. York overall is a commuter school, so there are many people who worry the same as you (are in the same position). Just a suggestion, when picking your courses for first year, consider commute time. If you are willing to take morning classes, then you would just have factor in when you would wake up and commute time.

  4. Hey! You can definitely is the VSB before you enrollment appointment and recommend you use it. It works and has been working for a while. So, I tried entering Math 1013 and 1014, and I see classes showing up and they are offered at Keele campus. Maybe make sure you selected 22-23 session above the campus selection?

  5. Hey! So I got an offer to live in calumet as well. I chose no meal (I was in the same stage as well and asked a few friends) simply because I wanted to explore downtown Toronto and eat a few times there instead of on campus most of the day I did not feel like cooking. Also on YU Start, there is this York 101 that has a section on residence and what restaurants are on campus. You can check those out (fyi the document is a bit outdated ~ circa 2019 but hopefully the price range of the food there is similar)

  6. Anywhere between 24 - 30 credits per year for bba/ibba. You need to complete 120 credits by the end of undergraduate.

  7. So there is the option to stay at the Quad (which is not a part of the York residence). The Quad is located near the Schulich building. You can try reaching out to them to see what their offers and rooming prices are like. Another option is to live off-campus. You can try looking at listings near the Village area or try searching up york university off campus housing (that website might help).

  8. hey current student, so core courses are same for all schulich students in year 1 and 2. All IBBA have the same core courses and you get to choose your language courses and same with bba but with electives. to answer the 2nd part of your question, just choose courses youre interested in and youll end up with a specialization or two. Does not really matter but for me , Im interested in taking certain courses that make me end up with a strategy and finance specialization. It was not on intended but happened to work out that way. Hope this helps

  9. From my knowledge you only need to take courses for your specialization in year 3 and 4

  10. IBBA program and 105. I got in a while back (like way before March). A bit confused because I see comments saying the first rollout was in March?? A bit clarification here...

  11. You are a 105 (international student), not a 101. Your application was due earlier, so your acceptances came out earlier!!! 101 Ontario applicants first rollout was in March (this is for the BBA program though, not sure if the iBBA program differs). Hope this helped :)

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