Queen tests positive for coronavirus, Buckingham Palace says

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  1. Cricket's life is far scarier than any season of AHS lol

  2. I guessed without even looking. Just "wife's business"

  3. Do you want ants? Cause that’s how you get ants! They suck when they’re in the car, BTW. My Nissan Leaf has nooks and crannies around the hood/windshield where leaves collect (deep) and compost and ants have made nests in there, and they they crawl on you when driving, are always on the windshield, and it’s really annoying EDIT: the beignets look amazing and I would eat the entire plate outside my car, or inside yours!

  4. The left chart should be small to reflect the smaller total time

  5. I love both shows! I've noticed at least one episode where the murder was inspired by the real life FF crime. The one I'm thinking of (no real spoilers) is the girl who was murdered and put into a fridge. I remember a very similar crime being profiled on FF.

  6. Yes the way she talks is always so stilted, like every word is excruciating. In lighthearted stuff like Clueless it didn't bother me but since this was dramatic it was painful to hear her enunciate. She looks beautiful though!

  7. Yeah, it felt like if Goosebumps and a Lifetime movie had a baby..

  8. I'm not a very confrontational person, but I've been thinking how to handle hurtful situations like this. So far my go-to line is going to be something like "WOW that is a really hurtful and awful thing to say!" so she and everyone laughing know exactly how shitty they are.

  9. Children should all be happy, safe, cared for, fed, educated, etc. And this should all happen somewhere I can't hear, see, or smell them.

  10. How would you feel if someone said this but replaced "children" with "dogs"?

  11. That's fine. People have every right to not like dogs. Dogs should be kept out of places they don't belong and should be removed from situations where they are bothering people, just like kids.

  12. Thanks for the response. It wasn't supposed to be a "gotcha!" Many arguments can sway to kids vs. dogs and it's nice to see a nuance. Part of society is learning to live alongside one another and it's interesting to see how much people think they should have to tolerate things that bother them.

  13. If you had to choose between saving your dog(s) versus your child(ren), which would you choose?

  14. Whenever the husband complains, have you ever said "hey that hurts my feelings because I worked so hard to help you with the wedding" ? Maybe the parts that bother him are something that has nothing to do with you. 18 years is a long time ago but I understand it would be hard to let it go and get over it if he keeps bringing it up!

  15. She didn't keep quiet about the milk because she wanted them to stop digging up the graves and, you know, eating people. She was trying to convince them there was another way. Yes, if she kept it quiet and they drank the milk they would be immune - but they'd wrongly attribute it to eating the hearts and they would keep doing that.

  16. From our perspective eating the hearts won't work, but from hers how is it that different from drinking bloody cow's milk? Both methods are gross but they both involve purposely exposing yourself to an infected individual.

  17. While I do agree that both are disgusting, there are a few ways that drinking the milk would be a superior way to help prevent people from getting sick.

  18. That's the struggle I guess. Let the stupid man take credit for your work but the people are saved vs. try and get your peers to just do what they're already fucking doing and have them revolt just because you're different. I'm non-confrontational so I definitely would have been like guess we'll just shake this bloody milk up and see what happens..What's there to lose?

  19. Compound interest is your best friend (or your worst enemy). The more frequently it compounds, the more it stacks up as the principal increases.

  20. Are you saying if you pay the full balance of your credit card each month you still pay interest...?

  21. Fuck. I was wrong. I missed the keyword unpaid when reading the fine print. You get daily compounding interest on unpaid balances you carry to the next month. Using your credit card like a debit card you pay off monthly shouldn't incur any charges.

  22. Yes I was thinking that was the standard way! Well now you don't have to worry about just doing autopay.

  23. I knew there was a story about the one vicious Golden on the planet coming. Serves me right for lobbing it over the plate like that.

  24. Anyone catch the "Daisy, Daisy" reference to Apocalypse? When Mead was destroyed in the last episode? The janitor was singing to Jaslyn to the same tune.

  25. You may already know this but that song is an homage to 2001: A Space Odyssey where the sentient computer sings it as it dies. Which itself is a reference to when a computer was taught the song in 1961

  26. Hello all! I'm needing some help with this rose seeing as I am not very good with plants.

  27. I live in Aus so I’m worried that Cult won’t be as impactful for me. But I’m still keen for it.

  28. Don't worry, politics is definitely a theme but the season is just as strong without any America-specific stuff.

  29. Just finished Cult and I think it would have to be my second favourite season!

  30. I was wondering how far along you had gotten in Cult! I just started it a day or so ago. I guess the American politics didn't prohibit you from enjoying? Or maybe makes it even scarier? Haha...

  31. Yes! Everyone needs to watch round planet! It’s sooooo good! “Tabitha, bring me a sandwich.”

  32. I have searched and all the results seem to be from the Disney version.

  33. Even before vaccines, people around her age only had about a 10% chance of death after hospitalization.

  34. It's a good thing you're not a betting man because those odds are terrible

  35. What mathematician is going to look at a 10% death rate that can be easily alleviated by a free vaccine and say "no, don't bother, you'll be fine."

  36. using the lockers take any extra time? Like separate lines or something?

  37. Occasionally there is a little wait for lockers with small rooms like Hagrids or Gringotts. Most of the time you can walk right up and do your business. They add maybe 3-5 minutes to the ride process in total.

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