1. Another INFJ here and Sapphire/RU Icon. I hadn't thought about it before but this combo makes sense to me. INFJ's are idealists and big-picture thinkers amongst other things, so I think having a style vision that transcends current styles and aligns with my vision is a match for me!

  2. L’oreal age perfect radiant serum foundation. It does require a setting spray - I use Mac’s Fix It. If stays dewy looking and covers my rosacea while looking light, not thick or cakey.

  3. Prescriptives foundation The girls at the counter in Myer or David Jones would customise the colour for you on the spot. It blended beautifully and lasted all day

  4. This was going to be my response. They had an eyeliner, Fig, whose color I have never been able to replicate.

  5. I was color matched by Kate Talbert, I guess you could call her a makeup vlogger 🤔 Colors are perfect on me and, with setting spray, last a long time. I’m cool toned fair olive. If you use too much, it can be heavy, so use it sparingly. Eye shadows are great, too. It did not break me out. The only thing I don’t like is that the makeup is a bit grainy, but when warmed and blended it’s fine. I love having that whole face palette I can stick in purse. It’s not terribly expensive and worth a shot. A keeper for me.

  6. You could also call her a member of a pyramid scheme, since she also sells Seint right on Instagram.

  7. I suppose so, but to tell you the truth, I actually like the product! Not sure why I’m getting down voted for expressing my honest opinion 🤷🏻‍♀️

  8. It works for me. I’m fair with cool undertones and a yellow overtone. I do prefer a color correcting foundation.

  9. I sympathize with your “plight” bc I am in the same boat. I thought autumn colors warmed me up with a nice glow, but were in fact reading more jaundice. I am able to wear more cool colors, but my BEST colors are the peacock tail colors of the autumn spectrum - the cooler colors of the autumn spectrum. I wonder if you are the same.

  10. 2020 was pajama yr and that made it great for me. (Not to make too much light of it bc I know horrible horrible things happened that yr)

  11. Another way to think visualize icy colors is think about bright white and add one drop of color to it.

  12. It’s not bad, but I think a cooler tone might be even better

  13. I’ve been using NYX Plush lip liner as lipstick and it feels more right than anything else.

  14. I think so. You look moderate, balanced, have vertical, and some sharpness.

  15. Some conditions can make one sensitive to certain chemicals. Those labels are helpful to us 😁

  16. I use micellar water around my eyes after cleansing and am always surprised at how much comes off after using makeup remover and cleanser.

  17. I loooove what you’ve done with your lips. Have you tried using eye shadow for eye liner? It can still be bold while being soft at the same time.

  18. I have cool olive skin and can wear the darkest cool shades and the coolest of the autumn colors - peacock tail colors

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