1. He didn't. Magic is about manipulation of space and time. The only evidence needed was that the infinity stones were useless.. it's because they aren't actually a part of the universe but beyond it.

  2. Best MCU villain is carnage because he literally destroys the entire multiverse...

  3. I honestly hate the mission where Sean dies, people just keep popping up and it's hard to get your bearings first time around. Also really didn't want him to die

  4. I think you have an app that us causing this. Some battery app or something ?

  5. It seems to be an app doing that, as you got double clocks for some reason

  6. I ended up just needing to restart it so I think you're right :) thanks for the help

  7. Totally agree, but it is a measure of circumstance. And had the individual not broken the law his life would not have been forfeit

  8. Always was annoyed by metapod because he's straight up like morning wood.. all he can do is harden

  9. If I may make a theory: the reason throg was jumping towards his hammer was because whatever sent him to the abyss caused him to no longer be worthy.

  10. Hands down died laughing when Brennan goes all enthusiastic saying "SCIENCE IS COOOL!! " with thumbs up to booth lol

  11. I totally agree that his behaviour towards his wife was over the top. He did just lose everything and when something like that happens to you and everyone is always trying to be extra nice to you it doesn't come across like help. It comes across like when you're trying to do something difficult and someone keeps interrupting you and it drives you crazy.

  12. In the case of vampires, we do learn that if they don't get enough blood they go feral and start looking all Nosferatu.

  13. I 10000000% agree with you but that was a huge thing with the creators and they said that the human form can already become so terrifying that instead of showing the real monsters as they were they could warp the people a small bit and make them just as terrifying while adding in the amazing talents of the actors.

  14. That depends. Do you like chess?

  15. With such a large single-centred engine I can't help but point out that your gonna need some seriously powerful material to keep it stable...

  16. This particular chipper must have a running tractor attached to power it, and the PS requirement is quite high. This is why i started the other one, wich is "standalone".

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