1. but she can keep coming into my room at night no matter if i refuse, i sleep really deeply and dont notice when she leaves so i wouldnt notice her coming in. i dont have a lock on my door

  2. I wouldn't say anything. I would also refrain from reading posts about him/her from others. When I see my friends posting things with or for people who were terrible to me, it can be disheartening and put me in a mood. Best to avoid that.

  3. awww that’s heartwarming! it’s great you got to experience true happiness before this hellish disorder fully developed

  4. I’ve contacted my doctor multiple times and they specifically referred me to the emergency. Both times that I went. They said it could be related to heart issues or my medication. I recently had a doctors appointment on Monday after talking to them for a week and a half and as soon as I got there they told me my doctor went home early and I won’t be able to see them for 2 weeks. They wouldn’t even get me an appointment with anybody else. To get me in sooner. That is why I went to urgent care because the pain is making me not able to function or sleep with out crying. Think it’s time to get a different doctor. Tysm for your advice !

  5. that is so fucked up about your doctor. i’m so sorry, dude. i wish i had advice

  6. I remember this feeling. I was terribly homesick on trips with my family growing up, but then when I got home I still felt like I wanted to go home. Doesn't make sense

  7. from the surface it makes no sense, but when you begin to unpack it you might understand why

  8. That's quite interesting. For me it's the opposite, as I can't relax if there are people around. To me home was always the place where I could hide and rest, not having to constantly interact with people.

  9. Theres loads of different types of homesickness, it’s actually a neat topic

  10. I catch myself saying this every single day when I wake up. I actually had to move back in with my mom after a break up with my ex because my kidneys failed and I needed some sort of people around me to keep an eye on me.

  11. i’m sorry you’ve experienced so many awful and traumatic things. i find it really interesting how so many people have commented saying they miss the house they were abused in and that’s home for them.

  12. this is relatable as fuck. when i had my first rheumatologist appointment, he asked if i had any trauma and when i said yes, he said i’m storing it in my body and he can’t help me. my current rheumatologist diagnosed me with RA and i’ve been trying different treatments ever since, with very little luck. it’s so bad i can barely move some days and it makes everything so much worse. there’s no relief. i’m sorry to everyone else experiencing this.

  13. It made it worse. Then he was laughing and snorting but continued slurping those slimy ass noodles. I was like "look at you, listen to you, you're probably adopted"

  14. Sorry, you had to go through this.

  15. for me it was my dad. I genuinely cannot be around people who snore. It’s a complete dealbreaker

  16. You can make pretty good earplugs by rolling paper towel or toilet paper into a little ear-canal sized plug, FYI. That can make noise to drown it out more effective -- background noise plus muffling. If...not being able to hear is a bad time for you, I get it, though, too. I had real trouble with voluntarily reducing my senses, but it really helped me be less constantly on edge once I spent more time being temporarily deaf for my own sensory relief and convincing myself I hadn't missed anything 'important' or done anything 'oblivious' or been 'caught off guard.'

  17. thank you for the advice and validation! i will keep this in mind for the future :)

  18. ask them why they’re still with you if they acknowledge they’d be happier in life without you, and take it from there

  19. Not OP, but, any waxy/plastic surface works great for making skins. I found this out when I accidentally spilled a bunch of acrylic paint on my laminate flooring on my porch. When i first tried to clean it up (while it was wet), it just smeared horribly. The stuff that dried up peeled right off. You can even pour on a plastic trash bag if you want!

  20. thank you! my cat has gotten hair in my paintings but i never leave him alone with any of my art bc i just know he’d ruin it somehow lmao

  21. One of my three cats hopped up on the couch today, barfed on one of paintings, then fled the scene. Admittedly, it was not my best work. But damn, seemed a bit harsh.

  22. why stay on the floor and barf when you can jump up on the furniture to do it there and ruin your human’s art instead? 😃

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