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  1. The sad thing now is that Huey Lewis has a hearing condition where he literally has intermittent hearing loss. That means he has hearing loss at random times so he can't perform live to hear the beat or make new music.

  2. Baldy McBeefy: “Yo Karl what am I meant to be doing here again?”

  3. Just delete ps4 version, put disk in, and select purchase ps5 version for $0.00

  4. They find a new job, or else tell their boss to match that offer or they'll leave. Then of course, the employer complains that employee loyalty doesn't exist anymore and that's why they're writing an email about cutting dental (tucked into the last paragraph of a completely unrelated email about other operational things, and also in a smaller font).

  5. So many job postings are either doing this, or with let’s say the restaurant industry, I notice they extremely overestimate their pay plus tip estimates. I had almost worked somewhere that a friend of mine was working at and when I asked him about that said pay plus tips estimate, he told me it was HEAVILY exaggerated. You would be lucky to make that on their best days.

  6. As a restaurant industry worker, I am 100% for tip culture, and while estimates can be off when posting jobs, it is often what you make of it. If you are a server who can chew a bunch of tables and give excellent service, you'll end up making a cut above, same deal with a bartender willing to close a lot and good enough to do solo shifts if possible with the set up. In metro US areas, ~$30/hr is pretty standard average after tips. No way restaurants could afford to pay that without massive price hikes and thereby killing the business.

  7. Keeping up a beard is more work-intensive than shaving daily unless you don't mind looking like a hobo.

  8. Minecraft. Maybe not “hate” it, but I just can’t get interested in it as a game. I like a story and plot instead of having to invent my own interest in the game, and I’m not interested in crafting games anyway. I’ve bounced off the game enough times to know it’s not my thing.

  9. It got a bit much... it was better in beta before the villagers and such. It was eerie yet beautiful and unique then.

  10. New bossfight, the Empyrean Duo featuring Malenia, blade of Miquella, and Miquella, shield of Malenia

  11. Sacred lordsword broadsword for my faith build. I love it but hate that I can't use other elements. Gotta keep sacred for that damage scaling. But love the extra crit damage too.

  12. Im the Dragon King and you are maidenless!!!!

  13. Someone wrote a message that said “friend ahead” and I thought you had to kill the harpy’s and not the singer.. marionette archers killed him and I thought I missed out on aNPC quest.

  14. Right. The building next to Limgrave Erdtree is hard to miss 🤔

  15. I thought I'd found them all, then I found a bunch more ball bearing hunters and another Margit.

  16. This and the festival reminded me of Halo theme.

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