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  1. Probably a little bit. He's a great talent and we have seen how good he can be for both dortmund and England. But he's very young and will have games where he doesn't impress, such as vs usa (I'm sure people who watch the bundesliga will point out games where he hasn't been a world class midfielder too) but, he has a high ceiling, seems very grounded, so let him progress and let's see where he can go

  2. Yep. Watch the Bundesliga and specifically Dortmund as regularly as I can and can confirm. Think he's a great player with huge potential and overall a good attitude so everything is there for him, but he's had games where he was nothing special and that's okay because he's so young. Just about cracking that consistency which hopefully will come with experience and maturity.

  3. I asked about this in a different thread a few weeks ago. Apparently trainees are just expected to opt out of EWTD or something. Maybe someone working in Ireland can fill us in?

  4. Essentially most hospitals ignore EWTD then lie about their compliance.

  5. It's watchable but it does very little with the world they created

  6. Start to middle I enjoyed but man it didn't know how to stick an ending whatsoever.

  7. I've never wanted a bird as a pet until now.

  8. The government's tactic of 'this is what Putin wants' every time things aren't going their way is really grating on me. Pathetic and offensive.

  9. The longer I work in healthcare the more I realise how many absolute children there are working adult jobs.

  10. Most of these virtual packages are put together by nonclinicians. Would be interested to see the evidence, if any, they make clinically.

  11. There is no accountability and when something goes wrong everyone closes ranks and stonewalls the patient. This leaves the patient with no choice but to pursue legal action just to find out what happened to them.

  12. Another cog in all this is the reality that most services have a consultant to patient caseload that is absolutely wild and almost destined for failure, be it missed diagnoses, delayed treatment etc.

  13. Bravo. Your girlfriend's mom has succeeded with one of the worst photoshops I've ever seen.

  14. They're hoors for it and don't let them tell you otherwise

  15. I wish I could afford to be a lollipop lady. Sounds like a great gig. Everyone loves them as well.

  16. See they perform a real service to society. Not like you, you money grabbing, life saving, mental health sacrificing scoundrel.

  17. Yeah but at some stage in your fifties you might be able to afford a second hand Porsche so it's completely fair if you don't sleep for several decades.

  18. I would say generally insouciant, irresponsible and hypocritical rather than callous. I could be wrong but I also don't recall a moment where Todd apologized to anyone for anything -- that's downright sociopathic.

  19. Well too bad because that's what they're gonna get.

  20. I don’t have anything against CUH, I know a couple of people there but I worked in Beaumont for a few years and have a lot of friends and my wife working there now. I still think it attracts a better cohort.

  21. When I worked in Beaumont (a few years back) one reason it was big with interns was it guaranteed 12 months in Dublin as opposed to being shafted around elsewhere for 3 months like in the Mater.

  22. Yeah the prospect of 3 months in letterkenny on that scheme is a nightmare.

  23. Ah yeah the usual business really, it varies department to department.

  24. Hard to say given how varied medical careers can be.

  25. Decided to take this seriously after a number of years of being aware but largely ignoring it.

  26. So past performance is indicative of future results?

  27. Wish I had the confidence to just state how bad my department was at managing their budget.

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