1. She just shared an opinion on how dumb it is to make such band aids , what's fragile is u getting offended over that.

  2. Right! And the fact that there was a demand for different skin tones could mean that some people were offended by the light color.

  3. As an Australian,nearly everyone is racist to someone or bigoted to something,unfortunately it’s just how Australia is.

  4. Yikes! I guess it’s good that you at least acknowledge your own prejudices and I pray you can work to challenge those views. Racism has no place among Christians.

  5. Oh,I am not racist (I don’t hate any race) my prejudices are more so towards my fellow citizens in that I assume they will be an atheist that hates religion (that’s how I pre-judge people).

  6. Oh I can see that and I’d say it’s understandable. Yeah, it’s strangely quite comforting. If you’re not popular, you’re doing something right. 👍

  7. To be fair, western devout Christians are typically opposed to it and opposed to having side chicks and promiscuity.

  8. Lol I remember seeing this a long time ago. Cartoons like this are what helped me realize antitheists are full of crap. I wasn’t raised religious but we believed in God in our household. As a child, I was always very passionate about that, even before attending church, and I was also a major nerd who liked to seek out information. I definitely pursued knowledge more than most of my peers so graphics like this didn’t describe me in the slightest. I was also rarely “one of the crowd”.

  9. Lol he claimed trump divided the country but then goes and does the same thing.

  10. Not sure about other countries, but in the U.S. Aztec religion isn’t necessarily outlawed, just the practice of human sacrifice, which admittedly was a big part of their faith.

  11. Sad you got downvoted. I just left there myself for the exact same reason after curiously checking it out.

  12. Idk if I was on the same discord you’re talking about but it was the same experience for me. Absolute trash.

  13. Goodness do these people actually think this? Looks like they’re not as well read or knowledgeable as they think.

  14. I wouldn't be spending any time on tiktok to begin with. It's known spyware and considering that their version of tiktok promotes educational stuff and ours promotes... other stuff... my theory is that they are a chinese plot to infect young American's minds with deviance of every sort:

  15. You can make a custom flair. If you need help I can message you screenshot instructions?

  16. So being prolife automatically means I’m not bisexual? Huh I guess she’s come up with a “successful” conversion therapy method 😂

  17. Sad but true. Also hate to be that person but the plural of life is lives.

  18. Haha cool! Glad to see other alternative people at things like this 😎

  19. Lol that’s basically how I lived at one point. Granted, it wasn’t a real infestation and it was fleas instead of lice. 😬

  20. No? She can consent after the act has started once she realizes it’s happening. Or she can decline to consent. It’s like if someone kisses me; I can decline to consent by pulling away, or I can agree to consent by kissing back.

  21. I would wonder where I failed my child. How did they get so lost as to start believing in non-real things? Did I let them believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy for too long? Have I created a stressful home situation that requires them to escape into a fantasy world?

  22. Oof. Hopefully this doesn’t happen to you because, unlike many answers here, you’d handle it all wrong. 😬

  23. There’s already a lot of good answers here but I’ll add that, biologically speaking, the purpose of sex is reproduction whereas the purpose of driving is not to get in an accident.

  24. I’m a very casual futbol fan so I don’t have that many strong opinions on different teams. I root for Mexico and, within Mexico, I root for Chivas 🐐

  25. Can you give me some examples of spooky decor, funko pops or jewelry that you really liked?

  26. Sure! For funko pops my friend once got me two different ones of Sam from the movie Trick’r Treat. For jewelry it can be simple, my brother once got my an onyx ring and my sister got me a cameo one. For decor, this wasn’t a gift but I once bought myself a snow globe thing and that had a “The Raven” theme going on. Inside it had a book and a raven sitting on top of it and the snow was black.

  27. Everyone is different but for me it’s CDs of my fave bands. I also like cool spooky decor, funko pops, fashion jewelry, and meaningful gifts (like framed pictures).

  28. Proud of you OP for standing up for what is right. It’s not easy as I’m guessing most French are prochoice. I live in California and the amount of people who just assume I’m prochoice is disheartening.

  29. Could it be because of the strict search mode? Maybe the Right to Life page uses a word or words that don’t make it past the search mode?

  30. What? I’m talking about the different search modes in OP’s screenshots.

  31. Oh no. I am disappearing in thin air.

  32. I’m so burned out of this conversation, she’s just fell back on the typical pro abortion one liners. “Don’t like one don’t get one” “will happen rather it’s legal or not” and of course something about me being a man and not having a valid opinion.

  33. That sucks. So many of them are broken records who just repeat what they’ve heard other people say. 😪

  34. It is one thing if people are child free not by their own choice.

  35. Ugh I hate the “you can’t have a conversation with them” or “kids are dumb unlike adults” type of people. Has it really been so long since they’ve been kids?

  36. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with people choosing to not have children but the fact that they’ve made a sort of subculture about I it is strange to me.

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