1. You'll be fine kid. One night when you're 42, you'll lie in your bed having trouble sleeping and suddenly BAM, you'll remember this. The guilt wakes you up, you go downstairs and have a glass of water. You think about your life. You smile and go back to bed.

  2. Actually this is quite helpful. You can create a memory palace with each letter (instead of each room). Neat idea.

  3. Yes, a lot of people here are saying it does not help. I do not agree, i have an eidetic memory and this would be the way for me to study this. I looked at it once and I allready know 4 letters now. Incredible.

  4. If you have an eidetic memory then you'd have the same result looking at a standard morse code key. So this guide does not at all provide any additional help.

  5. you can still eat frieten from the frituur tonight. Pakt is een vlezeke extra, ge hebt het verdiend.


  7. Ik haat het ook als het licht te fel is als ik kaviaar aan het eten ben. Het licht verblind me en dan kan ik niet goed kijken hoe mijn 15 jaar jongere vrouw mij oraal bevredigd.

  8. On Tinder 100 nerdy ugly men try to get in contact with 1 hot women. It's sad.

  9. Als de PS mee in de onderhandelingen stapt en mee een confederaal België creëert kunnen ze daar bijna helemaal zelf over beslissen.

  10. I don't know, if someone came to my office to dangle a giant kettlebell from his balldors, it would also gather quite a balldanglinggazing crowd.

  11. You know, i never dressed up as a woman or sexually pleasured a man in my life.

  12. Just get an accountant that is recommended to you by other people. Go see him, tell your story, listen to what he will do for you.

  13. I did that test and it was frightingly accurate about myself.

  14. You realize that people who believe in astrology say exactly the same thing?

  15. Except in astrology you can read about a random sign and (if someone told you beforehand that it's about your sign) you'll always feel like it has some truth in it.

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