1. This is awesome! Great work. Reminds me of the old game, "The Movies"

  2. So i used to have this. The first thing is that i suggest you only wear your shirts once and wash them every time, also your bed sheets. Make sure when you sweat you rinse in the shower, don't leave the sweat on your skin. I heard also heat can exacerbate. I tried the medicated shampoos and all that. Ultimately the dr gave me one dose of an oral antifungal pill and I never got it again. I'm surprised the course didn't work for you.

  3. Noo it wasn't :( It was a blue cover with red text the said like CLUE! in bubble font... it also wasn't cluefinders :/ I feel crazy lol

  4. I play a lot of horror (outlast, amnesia, Desd by daylight, resident evil, phasmophobia etc) so sims and animal crossing are my relaxing chill out games.

  5. FR! I end up taking full autonomy/free will off because they don't do what I say but then I forget and they piss themselves cuz I'm not telling them to go 😭

  6. Tbhh -- the game doesn't really do the genetics perfect - so no, i don't consider it cheating. For example, it will give your sims' children their features, but it will just be the preset generic feature that wasn't altered to look like the parents' noses, eyes, lips etc. And you can do a lot of editing to their if those changes aren't passed, you kind of have to pass them manually... if any of that makes sense lol

  7. Northern European? Finish or Latvian would be my guess

  8. Not Finnish or Latvian actually, although I look very very Finnish -- I have white white blonde hair and blue silver eyes. According to 23andMe I am 65% Swiss/German, 20% english, 6% Ashkenazi and some native/african. My grandad, per ancestry records was also about 66% german 33% english.

  9. Ooh, I'll give it a shot! I've consistently failed at making pie dough (the florida heat probably doesn't help), so maybe I can swing this one. Thanks!

  10. It's very simple - almost too easy to be true. And my grandma was from an area near Detroit that got very hot and humid in the summer (Avg 90 degrees and 80% humidity in the summer) and made all kinds of summer pies. Her best was her strawberry rhubarb with rhubarb from her garden. This should turn out just fine! :)

  11. that's not save file corruption, luckily. it just means you saved while doors were missing because of the mod. if you roll back to an earlier version (assuming you didn't save more than five times) from before doors went missing, it will be fine.

  12. Hey thank you so much for this information. Sorry as I'm about to sound so ignorant, but I didn't know you could roll back up to 5 times? Is this a new feature they implemented. Is it a little sub-option on the saved game file icon?

  13. no, it's been there forever. each time we save, the game writes to the main .save file and to the .save.ver files which are the older save points. so the 'load game' screen allows you to recover any of those.

  14. Oh my lord, I've been playing this game going on a decade and just found this out. Thank you so much you are amazing!!

  15. Could you upload somewhere blonde sim? Shes stunning, if you don’t mind i would adopt her!

  16. I found her on the origin market! I'll see if I can find her and share with you the name

  17. I'm surprised there's still no mod for genetics… as far as I know?

  18. She’s gorgeous!! I agree with you, she could have gone pro. What a lovely lady.

  19. Thank you!! 🥺Her outer beauty was only the start!! This woman was ridiculously loving and accepting of anyone - especially for her time!! If you look at my previous comment on here you can see a little background story on her.

  20. I'm happy Momo is still managing to make strangers days even after her passing!! <3

  21. Chicken noodle soup is "good for the soul" perhaps, but it isn't soul food.

  22. Lmao! Okay fair enough!! But I will say I don't see too many people making chicken noodle soup with homemade egg noodles out here on the west coast!! i think that's what gives me a country feel about it.

  23. Am I? I’m originally from Ohio (grew up in LA) and here I consider most of my Ohio grandma’s recipes southern style recipes... to my friends they are too. her fried chicken, pies, soups. everyone of my friends in Los Angeles says it reminds them of the south 🤷‍♂️

  24. OMG I WAS JUST TALKING AVOUT SPATZLE! I made homemade Pennsylvanian Dutch chicken noodles yesterday and was gonna make spaetzle w the remaining homemade noodles. Looks yummy

  25. That's cool! I do wish the game did a better job blending genetics tho.

  26. ugh please all I hope for in sims 5 is sims 3’s open world and customization, and REALISTIC GENETICS. I want features to skip generations and great grandparents be relations

  27. Can’t beat the classics! Any chance you would share that cornbread biscuit recipe?

  28. sure! biscuits are just your standard flakey southern style biscuit recipe except you use cornmeal for little less than half of the flour amounts! e.g if your recipe calls for 3.5 cups of flour, use 1.5 cups of cornmeal + 2 cups of flour. :)

  29. Omg! So there was this spot here in LA called Peri Peri chicken, a Portuguese Fast Chicken Spot -- and I ABSOLUTELY FELL IN LOVE WITH IT. Unfortunately, they shut down during the pandemic. So when I get a craving for their chicken, I have to make it myself. Including the seasoning!

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