AITA For refusing to be a step mom to my husband's kid?

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AITA for breast feeding my nephew?

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AITA for offering a homeless person a loaf of bread

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  1. 50% of all people on earth will get cancer? Have you got a source for that? Sounds outrageous, but I'm ok with being proven wrong

  2. It's not 50%, but it's pretty high among the elderly. A lot of people in their 80s or 90s have cancer. But even those without cancer have a shit ton of health issues at that age.

  3. I remember reading a study that said one cigar per day did not increase chances of oral or throat cancer above the expected rate in the control group.

  4. Why did you even comment anything if you weren't gonna give actual advice

  5. The dude is giving you great advice. Your problem is your fear of rejection and lack of confidence. You can't fix that without working on yourself. And no woman will want a needy dude who is constantly depressed. You don't need surgery, and you don't need to go to the gym to get a woman. You need to change your attitude.

  6. This is basically a sub where people say whatever they are thinking/feeling. And when the issue is so controversial or has a lot of opinions on the matter, many of them won't agree with yours. Either accept that fact or find another sub. Considering that 97% of cis people won't date a trans person, that's pretty much evidence that the jury is still out on the whole trans thing.

  7. In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. These are their stories.

  8. Are you asking if you would be an asshole if invited people to a catered event that you are paying for and not giving them exactly what they wanted? No. You are not a restaurant. You are having a party that you are paying for, and anyone who is that upset about the food choices can simply not go or just grab a sandwich before/after the event. As long as you are not preachy about it and try to use this as an opportunity to convert meat eaters to veganism, you are definitely entitled to cater the wedding according to your beliefs. Nobody will force Muslims to serve alcohol at their wedding or Jews to serve pork and shellfish, so vegans have the right to not serve meat.

  9. All depends. Today good software engineers are hard to come by, so there is a ton of competition. A good company will give you whatever it takes to keep you, because finding a better job is as easy as changing your LinkedIn profile to "open to work". But often times management is also limited by company policy which is usually made by idiots. Like my previous boss was willing to give me a huge raise to keep me, and so was his boss and the boss's boss. But company policy said that they could only give me up to a certain percentage of my salary as a raise, so HR nixed it. They were pissed, because they could have kept me and still have been below budget, and now they have to hire 2 people at a salary similar to what I wanted, and now they are above budget.

  10. SDET is different to automation testing, it's a software engineer turned automation architect. If that's where you wanna go, I'd suggest either computer science degree or learn a specific language at a bootcamp and specialise in it. I'd do React as that's the most common (people will probably argue me on that). If you wanna learn automation testing, I'd suggest learning Appium or Playwright, they are the program that you'll be working with directly for automation.

  11. The definitions depend on the company and region. And they change every friggin day. I've gone from automation test engineer to automation test developer to just automation developer, and now I'm called SDET. All this time I'm doing the exact same job.

  12. Conversion 'therapy' has been illegalised in the majority of legislations in the civilised world. To boot, whataboutism isn't helping anyone here. It's like addressing the issues BIPOC people face in the US and then some random comes in, pointing out that white people face the same challenges in African nations.

  13. NGL, I never had a problem with conversion therapy until I actually knew what it was. I'm also willing to bet that those who support it don't know what it is exactly.

  14. Yeah the support for conversion therapy is super low among religious people today. In fact, most of my gay friends came from religious families, and when they came out, their parents basically said that they were a bit disappointed, but they understand and still accept them. And they still hang out with their religious families with no issues.

  15. Partagas Mille Fleur. I've found it to be good on flavor but bad construction. It was rolled very tightly and the draw was very tough. But the flavor was great! Considering that it's much cheaper than other Habanos, I think it is definitely worth the money.

  16. INFO: Were you aware that they are sexually active, and are you ok with that? Or is there a bigger issue other than this one issue?

  17. I was completely fine with her being sexually active, it was specifically the BDSM part that was my issue with this.

  18. Because some counterfeits have some nasty things inside them. I've personally found human hair and small concrete chunks in counterfeits. In the same cigar actually.

  19. I've once smoked a fake Cuban a buddy of mine got. It wasn't horrible, but it definitely wasn't anything special. It was probably from a local cigar maker and a dude bought them cheap and resold them as Cohibas. I'll try to remember to ask my friend for one so I can deconstruct it and share with you guys.

  20. Since you already know JS and it's basically only you doing everything, Cypress is your best bet. Just creating a good automation framework in an OOP languageike Java, Python or C# is a huge project on its own, and for that I highly recommend someone who has good programming knowledge. Cypress can be implemented relatively quickly, and while I believe that a full testing framework is ultimately better, at your present state it's better not to get into something that will require a crazy amount of debugging just to get it running.

  21. Can I have my own confession, this is my greatest fear as a female. Cheating really wreaks havoc on your sense of self-worth and identity. I don’t thing you are alone in this, my dude. I have been cheated on so much that I’m coming to realize probably most men are afflicted with this and unable to deny/repress this?

  22. The fact that someone may fantasize about sex with other women doesn't mean that they will act on it. Contrary to what many women seem to believe, our sex drive does not actually make all logic fly out the window. Most men fantasize about other women, and most of those don't cheat or victimize women either.

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