1. Sora was an interesting concept and I liked the story regarding the guardian shinobi 12. If he was canon he would have already come back to the leaf asking about what happened to the fire temple

  2. The first time I played Minecraft I simulated a zombie apocalypse in a village and then blew up the houses. So no I did not do that

  3. I hate getting fished by skeletons, but when they fish eachother it’s pure entertainment

  4. With respect to Sakura, I don't think she's winning against kid Madara

  5. Before I watched the episode I thought It would be cool if Scar and Grian were a duo again

  6. Left up for debate. Probably should be left alone but I feel like it won’t be left up in the air.

  7. You mean like revisit a finished or WIP one? You make a save for each chaos theory level.

  8. Well when I make a save for a new level I don’t keep some of the things I unlocked in the previous level. Have to unlock the same stuff all over again

  9. Progress doesn't carry over from level to level. They're not tied together like the islands in Jurassic World Evolution 1: consider them more like separate scenarios taking place in wholly separate universes.

  10. 3 more Andrews? I’m pretty sure that makes 8. Never let the boy live this one down…

  11. She and Tohru are the same sex. So she can hug Tohru without transforming. What triggers her transformation is hugging non-zodiac men and poor health.

  12. I was wondering the same. I have seen exclusive series released on dvd so there is hope

  13. These accounts have been popping up on multiple subs advertising these shirts, seems slightly sus

  14. It’s the Fruits basket sub so if you call this advertisement you might as well call it all advertisement

  15. Euthanization, euthanization! It’s coming! Euthanization, euthanization! Beware! Coming for you!!

  16. I raise chickens and they know to come when called and how to not stand in front of moving vehicles like my cats do. That’s gotta count for something

  17. Why buy a ps5 to play the PS4 version of the game?

  18. Bought it before the ps5 version was a thing and didn’t get the upgrade because I don’t have a 4K tv

  19. I got all the trophies for Story mode, NG+, and iki island. But I’m not doing any of the online stuff lol

  20. At first I felt the same way but then I realized I wouldn’t be satisfied till I read 100%

  21. That’s why I don’t like super as much. When it first came out I was so excited for a new series but now I feel like it would have made a better story just ending at z

  22. Number 5. Though Not as accurate as some of the others it was the first time I saw a carnotaur

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